One Year Under Our Belt

Our dream of the Nomad lifestyle came to life in the summer of 2014. After selling our home of 19 years and giving away lots of our stuff we began the adventure of our lives.

The first year we traveled north to see family in Illinois & Michigan. Next stop Tennessee to be near our kids for the fall. Chasing a warmer climate and sunshine on our minds took us to Gulf Shores, AL and Niceville, FL to finish out 2014 & begin 2015. 

Spring was spent with our Grandson (aka love of our life)  

 his parents in TN. We were blessed with a visit from our daughter in San Fran and Mark’s parents too while in TN. 

May took us “home” to Kansas. Crawford & Cheri joined us on this trip which was so much fun.

All our travels the first year of our “Shake Down Cruise” kept us close to familiar people and or surroundings. We made life long friends along the way too. We learned so much about our “Mobile Condo” and ourselves this past year. We had challenges, yet over came them with lots of help from seasoned travelers asking them tons questions and gleaning knowledge. 

Today we start another adventure. We have never been to the Northwest quadrant of the U.S.A. So off we GO! Looking forward to seeing the beautiful country that we live in, meeting new friends and connecting with old friends too! 

This is our story as We Be Winging It! Join us…Hop on and enjoy the ride!



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Professional Nomads touring this beautiful country of ours one state at a time. Enjoying the journey without a plan because We Be Winging It

4 thoughts on “One Year Under Our Belt”

  1. Safe travels. I look foward to reading your blog and keeping abreast of your adventures. Looking forward to seeing you on the Gulf next winter.


  2. This is so Great, you both are having the time of your life, and enjoying everyplace you go!!! So HAPPY for both of you!!! Love the Website/Blog at this is Great! We Kurt retires we may do the same thing with our 5th wheel!!! We Love to travel too! Keep ENJOYING LIFE to the FULLEST. “And I Think to Myself what a WONDERFUL WORLD!!!!!!!!!


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