Enjoying the JOURNEY

We cannot even attempt to count how many times we crossed the state of Kansas via I70 through the 33 years we have been married. It always seemed like such a DRAG! I realized this time out, in the past we were on a “trip” trying to get from point A to point B and back in a short period of time. This trip is not on any time schedule …..we are on a JOURNEY which is vastly different than a trip! 

The view from our vantage point sitting up so high and looking through a 4′ x 8′ windshield is amazing and a bit scary at times due to crazy drivers, but all in all pretty beautiful. 

Kansas does its part in using its beauty and natural resources of wind to harness energy with loads of HUGE windmills. They are so massive and in my opinion sort of “regal” 

     While the wind was creating energy for the state of Kansas it was playing havoc with our ride! We were being blown around quite a bit which my handsome and calm personal chauffeur handled like a pro! 

Kansas also has plenty of “Texas Tea” being produced  


These were seen popping up along the highway. We were doing our fair share of using gas while fighting the wind so it was nice to see there was more oil being produced. Not sure of our mpg as we have never filled up an empty gas tank in our Mobile Condo. We are enjoying our JOURNEY and that pesky detail of what we are getting MPG would put a wet blanket on our parade! We just put $100-$150 in at a time and stay in our little “happy place”. The fact that we are probably only getting 6-7mpg would be a buzz kill for sure and remove the Joy from our Journey 😀

We ended our first leg in Alma, Nebraska. A quaint little town with a small RV park run by the city.  

 Google maps most likely is not tracking the time based on driving a RV, fighting wind and traveling 65mph instead of the 75/85mph that people were driving past us. YES, we are now “those people” we used to hate being behind when we were on a trip! Our JOURNEY took us 6 1/2 hours ….but ……

We immediately made friends with 2 retired gentlemen in the campground that fish by day and camp at night through the summer. Lucky for us they were having a fish fry of freshly caught Walleye and Catfish. Yummo! Great way to end the day. Oh and the Blackhawks won…an added bonus. 

So much more of Nebraska to see…stay tuned!


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Professional Nomads touring this beautiful country of ours one state at a time. Enjoying the journey without a plan because We Be Winging It

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