It’s all about communication 

It took me a LOOOooong time to become a member of the Smart Phone Society. It was quite the process as many of you know 😉. Now I cannot imagine living without it. This technology is crucial to our Nomadic lifestyle. We are able to FaceTime with our family, get the latest picture or video of our growing Grandson, plan our trip, get step by step directions, make reservations and research fun facts on our travels. The list is endless and I am an admitted Addict to this device I lived without for all these years!

Mark and I took great pains deciding which carriers were best for us. We purposely chose to have 2 different carriers, as in our previous travels we found that many times one of us would not have service. All bases covered we thought. 

Most of the plans these days give unlimited text and talk but limits are set on data. I love to gab and text. I am clueless when it comes to knowing exactly what 5Gb means or provides me. To me that sounds like a whole bunch.

We found out the hard way that roaming is not only for the Buffalo on the range! All of our Apps were using roaming features while we were driving. RUTRO! Mark got a text telling him he has depleted his data quota for the rest of the month (they will gladly add more data for a fee). Yikes, this is how we get and use Internet. No worries, we still have data on my plan, BUT I don’t have Hot Spot capability, AND no service while driving across Nebraska! “Oooooh No Mr. Bill” …. We could not use Google Maps, use our campground app to find the phone number to check reservations etc….. Talk about feeling “trapped” 😄😄😄. We are SOoo dependent on technology. 

I often thank God that He decided to have me live on this century. I CANNOT imagine going across this beautiful vast country in a covered wagon or on horseback. Being so dependent on data and suddenly without out it was my version of traveling in a Covered Wagon!

Oh wait we have a map! So I put on my Navigator’s cap and help my handsome chauffeur out. Who needs Siri and Google maps??? Quickly found out that my map reading skills need honing. We missed a turn and headed east instead of west for a bit. Thankfully we are not on  trip ….it’s a JOURNEY! We have nothing but time! 

Our traveling Gaurdian Angel knew that we needed help. Just like when you are looking for something and keep going to the same spot thinking it will magically appear (aka insanity), my handsome chauffeur takes my phone and tries the app that we need to contact our new home for the week. VIOLA the app pops up even though my phone clearly shows we have no data! He makes his call, hangs up. We try it again immediately and NO SERVICE AVAILABLE pops up! Whoa!! We are in awe and so thankful for this “God Wink”. There ARE angels among us!😇😇😇

We made it safely to Ellsworth AFB. S.D. without any further assists from technology. Thankful they provide free WiFi (even though it’s spotty). Whew technology….We will make it!

Sidebar….I was able to get data and service after I turned off my phone to reboot it. Who knew it was that simple? May need that little trick in the future!


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Professional Nomads touring this beautiful country of ours one state at a time. Enjoying the journey without a plan because We Be Winging It

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