Television…..stay tuned

Our Mobile Condo was built in 2007. It has beautiful cabinetry through out with a built in that surrounds the television. The television in the “living room” started to give us fits shortly after we started our Nomadic life. Rutro!
I may be showing my age, but those of us raised in the 60’s and 70’s may remember what it was like to turn on the T.V. and wait patiently until the picture came in. Well, fast forward to 2014-15 and this doesn’t happen  much ……unless its our T.V. in the Mobile Condo! I felt like I was living in the Twilight Zone!

For the past year we would need to turn on the T.V. WAY before there was a program scheduled we wanted to see. Once the T.V. “Warmed Up” the picture was amazing😜. This warm up routine worked for months, then it began to take a bit more effort to get a picture….imagine Fonzi on the Happy Days banging on the juke box! Yep, we would turn on the T.V. then my handsome chauffer would methodically pound on the T.V. and VIOLA beautiful picture!

You may be thinking…go to the store and purchase a new one, but this is not as easy as it seems. The beautiful cabinet that holds a T.V. that was built in 2007 no longer fits T.V.s that are being sold now . The new units are WIDER than our opening….So the search began. Everyone who knows my handsome chauffer knows that he enjoys the “hunt” for a deal.

He began the hunt for the perfect size television to fit our cabinet via internet. After a year search…Low and behold he located one on eBay that would fit our needs. After securing the “deal” the T.V. was going to be shipped to Kansas. We got to add a day or two to our stay there to wait for shipment before heading out for our Northwest Adventure.

Yay…it arrived! He began the painstaking task of removing our old one. It was not the easiest process, especially if you have back trouble. Lots of twisting ,a few back bends and the old one was out leaving our windshield intact…PHEW!

Let the installation begin…RUTRO the T.V. is 1/8″ too wide and will not fit!! Grrrrrrr!

God wink…As My Hero was trying to figure what to do. It “just so happened” that a Custom Cabinet Maker  “happened” to stop by to help out our friend who we were staying with  on another project. JACKPOT!  He kindly advised My Hero what needed to be done and then quickly went back to his home to gather the tools needed to get the job done. Thank you God!

So the whittling begins. Wood shavings flying everywhere and in a matter of an hour the T.V. fits like a glove! We plug in all the needed wires, turn it on and POOF  there is a picture immediately……but wait, why is there a small blue dot in the middle of the black screen? Long story short, looks like we were sold a defective T.V. DOUBLE GRRRrrrrr

My Hero contacts the vendor on ebay and explains that he has sold us a defective piece of goods. The vendor then blames it on the shipment and will not take ownership of the problem …..around and around we go.

My hero doesn’t take this laying down. He calls the manufacturer and describes what we are noticing. My hero sends pictures via email to them of our problem area. They confirm it is a pixal problem. The T.V. IS indeed defective. Now he has evidence to prove to the eBay vendor and get resolution to the problem. Before the conversation ends with the maufacturer  he is told that THEY will happily replace it for us even though we purchased off of eBay.

WOW, talk about customer sevice right? They will send us a new T.V. , in fact a BETTER newer model T.V. (much sharper image) BUT the new T.V.s are TOO BIG! The size we need is no longer being made. Back to square one!

After lots of calls back and forth. The manufactuer located a “refurbished” unit that WILL fit our cabinet and they will give us a 1 year warranty. Just give them an address and they will send it to us. Hahahahaha….

My Hero goes on to explain that we are Nomads and do not have an address that they can send the T.V. to currently. We are traveling and will need to get back to them when we find out IF at our next location we will be able to receive shipments.

I can only imagine the look of confusion on that person’s face on the other end of the telephone line! People just don’t understand how we cannot have an address. So goes the lives of Nomads…….Stay tuned!


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Professional Nomads touring this beautiful country of ours one state at a time. Enjoying the journey without a plan because We Be Winging It

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