Sturgis or Bust

Ever since we got our Harley we have been asked “Have you been to Sturgis?” I have to say after seeing it on T.V. in a ” Reality” show, it was not on my list of things to do. I have claustrophobia when it comes to large groups of people and from what I saw on T.V. Sturgis, at least while the bike week is happening was not going to be a place for me to be. 

This year will be the 75th anniversary of the event. It is said that there will be over a million bikes here for the event! Pretty big stuff for a town that had approximately 7000 people who live there. They make TONS of money on tourism that week which makes it all worth it. 

We took the ride there to see what the buzz was all about and found a sleepy little town. Main Street is full of little shops where you can get a bite to eat, a beer, tattoo or a T-shirt. We opted for a T-shirt commemorating the 75th anniversary even though we will be MILES away when the “circus” comes to town.  

Next stop 


Picturesque town with lots of history. Originally the town was given to the Lakota Indians.Named for all the deadwood found in the gulch. In 1874 Colonel Custer discovered Black Hills Gold. Quickly Deadwood became a wild and lawless community. Gambling, brothels, opium and Black hills gold. Wild Bill Hickcock was murdered here and  Calamity Jane is buried here.

Deadwood was the first small community in the U.S. to seek legal gambling revenues as a way of maintaining local historic .Gambling was legalized in Deadwood in 1989. The town has plenty of opportunities to partake.

Our journey back to the Mobile Condo through the Black Hills was beautiful. Stopping for a rest along side a babbling brook and to smell the dandelions 😉



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