Pictures don’t do it justice

Over the years I occasionally have seen bumper stickers for “WALL DRUG America’s favorite roadside attraction” or “Where the Heck is WALL DRUG”on the bumpers of vehicles. Traveling through Nebraska and South Dakota the landscape is dotted with WALL DRUG billboards offering free ice water and coffee for 5 cents. Well, curiosity got to us so off to Wall, South Dakota we go as it was also on the way to the Bad Lands.


The place is quite an attraction! Yep, you can get free ice water along with Black Hills gold, leather goods, a cow pie frisbee, see a dinosaur, pet a Buffalo, go to chapel, and get a home style meal.A one stop kinda place! 


We waited out a rain storm, people watching before we hopped back on the Harley to head east to the Bad Lands all the while watching the looming sky filling with black clouds on both the north and south of us. We had sunshine above us …all was good!

The pictures taken don’t even touch a bit of the beauty that we could see as far as our eyes could see. AMAZING views all around us.

The Bad Lands is full of colorful rock formation of all different color shapes and sizes that are formed over time from wind and erosion.  


With our eye on the sky and our weather app on my phone we were able to dodge the rain. There was lightening in the sky to the north that had this passenger a wee bitnervous. As I said you can see forever out here and am not the best when it comes to knowing HOW many miles away the weather was and thankfully it didn’t find us.

We saw Prairie Dogs and  Mountain Goats

Thankfully no RATTLESNAKES  


On our way back west to the Mobile Condo we stopped by the Minuteman Missile Museum. 


My hero served our country working in many different jobs supporting the Minuteman Missile mission until the missiles were deactivated in 1994. He retired from the USAF in 1995. It was so cool to see him share his knowledge of the mission with the volunteer that was on staff. He actually was able to inform the volunteer some interesting facts that will help him explain the mission to other visitors in the future. 


It was such an honor to be able to see a museum dedicated to a huge part of his life and the part he played in history to keep our country safe. Thank you for you service honey!



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Professional Nomads touring this beautiful country of ours one state at a time. Enjoying the journey without a plan because We Be Winging It

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