So long South Dakota


Up BEFORE Reveille this morning heading north to our new home for the next week …Malmstrom AFB. 

South Dakota, especially the Rapid City area,is full of fun and adventures. It is a place we will return. We were so fortunate to see all we did. Thankfully we had 2 weeks as Mother Nature wasn’t so cooperative. Lots of rain here, but I guess it’s been that way everywhere!

On the news last night we heard that they closed the Bad Lands park & loop through the park. So much rain caused the collapse of the road and 5 members of family got injured when one of the Buttes they were climbing on crumbled due to rain softening the Butte! That’s a LOT of rain!

In our last few days we were able to take advantage of sunshine and took a ride through Spearfish canyon. GORGEOUS!!! 


We also toured a former gold mine. So cool! My grandfathers were miners Michigan. This tour gave me a deeper appreciation of what they did and the sacrifices they went through to provide for their families. It was hard, dirty and dangerous work.  

 The mine we toured was in Lead (pronounced Leed) S.D. There was a large population of Finnish, Italian, English and Norweign immigrants that settle there. Very reminiscent of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where my family lives. Hard working folks!  


The mine closed in 2000 to actual gold mining. There are scientists that continue to work down in the mine researching neutrinos and the black hole. Whoa! Over my head. Reminds us of something the guys on Big Bang Theory T.V. Show would be doing!

We were shown the equipment that was used by the miners. One of the things that stuck out to me was this gem… 


Their “Porta Potty” ! Notice that it had wheels on it. Miners use to pull practical jokes on each other that included pushing the wagon down the tracks while another unsuspecting Miner was using it😁. Women started working in the mine on 1970. The didn’t find the humor of being pushed down the rail while they were taking a personal moment. They put chains on the wheels to help prevent them being a “butt” of a practical joke. Well it has been told that this didn’t stop the joksters hence the birth of the saying “Don’t yank my chain” 😆.

One of my favorite meals that my Mom makes is Pasties. They are so yummy! They are  delicious crusts filled with ground meat, potato, onion, carrots and rutabaga. Miners enjoyed them as it was a meal that stayed warm in their lunch “pail”. We were so excited to hear that we could buy one at a local gas station for our lunch.  

 My Mom’s are still the BEST EVER . 

Next stop Big Sky Country! Stay tuned.


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3 thoughts on “So long South Dakota”

  1. Amy, what kind of mining did your family do? My grandfather came to the UP from England when the tin mines played out over there. He was an iron ore miner in the UP and always had a pasty in his lunch pail.


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