Billings and the BLACKHAWKS

Montana …BIG SKY COUNTRY is right! You can see FOREVER. My handsome chauffeur does enjoy taking the “shortest & scenic ” route possible which allows us the privilege of seeing lots of beautiful country side. 

As we made our way from Rapid City towards Great Falls we saw lots of country side , ONLY 2 gas stations and 1 rest stop in 327 miles! Now that’s some back country roads. Thankfully we hold 100 gallons of gas and have our own potty on board! 

This passenger was not truly enjoying the ride. I feel much more at ease when I see civilization and GAS STATIONS😀

When I began to search for a place to park the Mobile Condo on my trusty phone app I discovered that in the Billings area there are not many choices and the ones that had room were a bit steep in price. They have the corner marketed and can charge whatever. The search was on as my handsome chauffeur needed to get stopped to watch his beloved Chicago Blackhawks play game 6 of the Stanley Cup. 

Walmart is one of the businesses that allow overnight campers for free. So Billings, MT Walmart would be home for the night.  

Now our traveling circus is approx 60 feet in length and doesn’t take corners like a Porsche so maneuvering a busy Walmart parking lot at 5 p.m. is STRESSFUL😁. Not only finding a long enough space, but my handsome chauffeur needs to plan our exit strategy for on the morning as well. 

After going down the wrong way and causing an unsuspecting driver to back up to let us through this was our view for the evening  


Whew! Not as scenic as we have seen, but it had all the requirements. Exits for the morning etc. So up goes the TV antenna, generator going to give us electricity (burning 1/2 gal if diesel per hour HECK it’s the PLAYOFFS who cares), and a cocktail in his hand my date is a Happy Camper!

Our family has been hockey fans for ever. Our son played roller and ice hockey while growing up which isn’t easy to do living in Kansas, but when there’s a will there’s a way. The guys in the family LOVE the Black Hawks. Our precious grandson is named Crawford after the goalie of the Hawks! Now that is a serious fan! 

Poor lil guy didn’t Ike all the hooping and hollering his Daddy was doing during the game, but I am sure he will share his enthusiasm when he gets older …at least I hope … It’s in his blood!

Game on! 

  Thanks to all the texts from family and friends. It was like we were watching it with them! Then …,. 


Happy campers indeed!

We were not the only travelers that took advantage of Walmart’s hospitality. Remember what I said earlier about planning our exit! Well we open our curtains and see this  


Rutro! The little Casita  camper even had a Bullseye on its back for us to aim at 😆. Never fear my handsome chauffeur found a way around the situation so on the road we go…, Next stop Great Falls, MT!


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Professional Nomads touring this beautiful country of ours one state at a time. Enjoying the journey without a plan because We Be Winging It

2 thoughts on “Billings and the BLACKHAWKS”

  1. Hi Amy, We’ve stayed in a few Walmarts. We like them because they are quiet and the stores open 24hrs just in case you need tp! What are you guys towing and do you have a motorcycle with you? Can’t wait to hear about Montana and Idaho….


    1. We are towing our Chevy Avalanche 4 wheel drive with our Harley in the bed of it. We have a ramp that is mounted in the bed that folds out & Mark rides it up into the bed. We look like a Circus train going down the road!
      We are looking forward to seeing the upper northwest. Stay tuned!


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