Channeling our inner Lewis & Clark

We got to stay an extra day in Great Galls as our new T.V. (See previous post for the whole story on that conundrum) found us . Thanks to JVC’s excellent customer service and FedEx we were able to replace the defective one. You would think it would have been an easy process, but something’s take practice. Alls well that ends well. We have a new TV and a happy chauffeur! 

We took our extra day to scout out more of the Great Falls area via our bicycles. We rode to yet another one of the waterfalls that Lewis scouted out called Rainbow Falls. So pretty! A but winded from the ride over hill and dale, yet it was nice to get some much needed exercise since my Hero has been down with his back!

Our journey took us to Giant Springs Park where we saw the smallest river (201 feet) according to Guiness World records named the Roe River. This River dumps into the Missouri River. The water is crystal clear and remains 54 degree all year around.   


   There we also learned that the Missouri is the longest river in the USA beating out the Mississippi by 200 miles! The Roe got its name because it is breeding grounds for Rainbow Trout. There some beauties in there. Sadly, my chauffeur without his fishing pole!   

 We called Malmstrom AFB home for the past week. As we headed further northwest towards Glacier Park on the Lewis & Clark trail we looked forward to waking to the sound of song birds not Revielle, going to sleep by the sounds of crickets not Taps and seeing soaring Eagles in place of helicopters going on missions.

We had yet another Lewis and Clark moment while on our journey. We have had a few “surprises” along our way. Not anything like they did by having to portage for 18 miles on foot BUT… As I previously stated the department of transportation in Montana takes road repair to a higher level then we have EVER seen! They remove the ENTIRE pavement down to bare dirt! This “repair” stretched for 5 miles! Kind of tight for a “wide” load 😁!!!Our shocks and tires got a work out! 

    We traveled 224 miles in total to Glacier which took us 6 plus hours!!! An average speed 37.3 mph due to road work and winding roads through forest etc… WE MADE IT!

Glacier Campground is home for the next few days just outside of the West Entrance of Glacier Park.  Beautifully wooded campground. Fitting our 60′ circus train was a but tight, but we fit!  

 We have a fire pit here which we have not had available to us since last summer when we stayed in Illinois. We both love fire and find it so relaxing…..just what we needed! 

  The welcoming committee of mosquitoes and black flies were in full force! Unfortunately,  we did not have any bug spray! I know…full time campers and no spray? CrAzY!!! I remembered seeing one of those helpful “Life Hacks” on Facebook that said Creamy Baby Oil and or dryer sheets can be used as repellent. Lucky for us we have those items in the Mobile Condo. So we douse ourselves in oil and put a few dryer sheets around POOF no more bothersome bugs AND we smell great😉!

Our view out of the windshield is breath taking. We are snuggled in here and it feels like we are in a tree house! We sleep with the windows open and enjoy the nature sounds. Rest was welcomed after the travels. Looking so forward to riding our Harley up The Road to the Sun in the park and seeing more of the beautiful scenery! 



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Professional Nomads touring this beautiful country of ours one state at a time. Enjoying the journey without a plan because We Be Winging It

3 thoughts on “Channeling our inner Lewis & Clark”

  1. You guys are just too cute, and having a lifetime adventure, good you are keeping a blog, so you can look back and remember. Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Stephanie, Jeffery & Alanna

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