I am married to Macguyver

From 1985 to 1992 there was a TV show called   Macguyver, which starred Richard Dean Anderson as a mullet-sporting secret agent with the skills to build complex devices from whatever everyday items he had to hand. All he needed was a pen and paper, a piece of chewed gum, four paper clips, a strip of duct tape and a Swiss Army knife to fix the world!

I have to be honest, I didn’t watch the show because of the “cool” stuff he did. I watched it because Macguyver was “FINE”

Well I may be a bit partial, but I am married to “FINE man” that has the looks (no mullet), knowledge of Macguyver and the passion to get the job done!

My  Macguyver has always had a thirst for knowledge, always tries to figure things out, and NEVER is afraid of a challenge! He asks the right questions and gets resources from experts. He formulates a plan and executes it with precision and a bit of trial and error. 

Moving into our Mobile Condo a year ago was dream and at times a nightmare……that is unless you are married to Macguyver!  

 In the 33 years that we have been married, My Macguyver amassed quite the plethora of gizmos and tools. When we decided to become professional Nomads he had to let loose of his tools. The man had many in triplicate! The Mobile Condo doesn’t come with a 2 car garage and it’s “basement ” has limited storage. He put A LOT of thought in what he would need and what would fit into his new space.  

 This is his bag of treasures that remains from his previous collection! WOW its AMAZING what the man can do with this small stash!

Soon after we moved into our new digs we found the need for a new tool to add to his kit  

 The lighted telescoping mirror is a MUST have for the small tight spaces he has had to explorer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long enough so Macguyver added a paint roller extension ( why he kept this I will never know, but sure serves a useful purpose 😉) with his designer duct tape and WAH-LA…perfect for those tight spaces!

First of many hurdles before we took off on our great adventure was how we were going to take our Harley with us? After lots of research and deep thoughts Macguyver bought and installed a ramp that was custom made to fit into our Avalanche. 

 No,the little red tool bag didn’t have all he needed, but our dear friend’s shop sure did. Installation was an arduous process, but drive and determination are many of the wonderful qualities My Macguvyer has!

His skills have been used in so many applications in the past years I could fill a book. He never ceases to amaze me! They have certainly been put to the test lately!

While touring Glacier Park riding our Harley we stopped to take in one of the magnificent sights. We hopped off the bike, put the kick stand down and the spring that holds the kickstand in the up position “popped” off! Well that was not in the plan. Without the spring the kickstand would dangle and cause damage or an accident. No little red bag with us…Macguyver takes s bungee cord and secures the kickstand in place! You ALWAYS need to have a bungee with you right? Well if your Macguyver you do! The tour continued and he was able to replace the spring once we got back to the Mobile Condo and his beloved vise grips!

It has been SO hot here in Spokane,WA. record breaking temperatures outside and inside of the Mobile Condo. Circuit breakers were popping like castanets! All of us in the park were suffering as the load on the electricity through the park was HUGE. 

We did our best using the least amount of electricity yet trying to get cool. The air conditioners were running 90 to nothing constantly. Macguyver takes a fan and directs it towards our fuse box to help keep it cooler and Wah-la no more popped fuses. Sheesh where does he come up with this stuff? GENIUS!

Awnings are a lifesaver when trying to keep the inside cooler too! Awnings when working properly that is! Awnings can be the bane of our existence when they malfunction or BREAK. Yep…. Found that out last night! When we tried to retract our 21′ awning with the “mere push of a button” the thing would not retract! GREAT now what? Never fear Macguyer is here….well sort of.

By the light of his trusty flashlight all the while being swarmed by hungry mosquitoes, he determined the motor still worked, but it would not retract the darn thing! Nothing could be done except leave it out for the night as his trusty side kick (me) was not tall enough or strong enough to manually push the behemoth thing in. So we “retire” for the night  PRAYING that a wind doesn’t pick up and cause even MORE damage to the Mobile Condo.

Macguyver has a sleepless night as his brain is engaged on our problem. He gets up at first light and begins calling the manufacturer of the awning. He gains some wisdom from a very helpful tech support gal who recommends changing the caps on either end as this has been an on going problem . They have made design changes to alleviate this problem on newer models.

My Macguyver has the knowledge, the little red bag has the tools  all we need are ladders etc… BUT WAIT….we have a truck bed, a step ladder, an extension ladder and a tie down strap 

 Enlisting the help of one of the park’s employees and another ladder for the opposite end 30 minutes later Macguyver gets the awning to retract! Yippie!

Now the search is on for a new improved motor on eBay. Stay tuned! 


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Professional Nomads touring this beautiful country of ours one state at a time. Enjoying the journey without a plan because We Be Winging It

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