Smoking HOT Spokane

Boy, talk about a change in weather! We went from sleeping with our windows opened while covering up with blankets in West Glacier, MT to living in a furnace in Spokane! As I previously wrote, we had a heck of a time getting the Mobile Condo close to a comfortable temperature with all 3 air conditioners running. 

  It sure didn’t help being a woman my age and having “personal summer moments” too😉! Our shades were drawn down tight to keep the blaring sun out. It felt like we were vampires trying to live in a cave! Occasionally we would venture out in search of a breeze and sit under a shade tree. No Harley riding either😢! 

We took advantage of the ungodly heat to get some chores done that we were putting off. We rode into downtown Spokane to check it out and get the oil changed in our truck. Thank goodness we did because during the “free” inspection they notice our tire took on screw! So we got to spend another hour in air conditioning while the tire was mended. Of course we have no idea when or where we picked up this screw . We are praying all 8 of the Mobile Condo’s “shoes” have not also picked up a treasure. Whew, so far so good all are air tight!

Spokane is a pretty city. Lots of bridges over rivers. Parks filled with children playing. We drove by the BIGGEST  Radio Flyer wagon EVER. 


Spokane was host to a large 3 on 3 basketball tournament the weekend we were here. It is said that the asphalt temperature was 168 degrees! So when I say it was hot I am NOT being a “Drama Llama”! I had a hard enough time sitting in the shade under a tree. How or WHY people played ball is beyond me. I spoke with a lady who had been to the tourney watching her son play. She said that her flip flops MELTED on her feet and burned the top of them! YIKES!!

Although our campground was sparce in the tree department we did have a spring fed lake to cool off in. The beach was filled with loads of people trying to get cool. We rented a boat for a day and wandered off to a cove. So refreshing!

We are ready to be cooler! We are heading further northwest. We broke camp at dawn today to avoid driving in the heat. Crossing the Columbia Basin you can see just how scorched the land is. Rain would be a huge blessing! 

Crossing the Columbia River and seeing snow covered Mt Ranier on the horizon we can almost feel the coolness we crave. Now this is the Washington we thought we would be seeing!


  It will be a QUIET 4 th of July here in Cle Elum, WA. Bans on all fireworks, charcoal grills and campfires because the threat of more forest fires is so huge.  

 Tomorrow we will make Whidbey Island our new home. I am hopeful that being on the ocean cools us to our hearts content! 

Wishing  everyone has a happy and safe celebration where ever you call home! 



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Professional Nomads touring this beautiful country of ours one state at a time. Enjoying the journey without a plan because We Be Winging It

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