Ahhhhh the 70’s

I loved the 70’s! Life was simpler. I loved everything about growing up in that decade and revisit often while listening to satellite radio.  A song can come on and beam me back to a time in my life immediately that brings me such joy, 

Today the 70’s bring me joy in another way… We have FINALLY reached a destination where we are enjoying 70 degree temperatures that we craved! AMEN!

We spent the 4th of July traveling from Spokane west and made our home for the night nestled in a campground amongst Douglas Fir trees in Cle Elum, WA 

A quaint little town on the Cle Elum River in the heart of the Cascade Mountains. It was finally cool enough to ride our bicycles so we took the opportunity to check out this picturesque town via 2 wheels enjoying the wind on our face.  

Up bright and early on the 5th heading further north to our new home. You would think that after all the miles we have done, this passenger would get more comfortable and more at ease traveling. In fact, I can say it is getting better, but I do not think going over mountain passes will EVER give me an “easy peaceful kind of feeling “😬. Up and over the Cascades we go towards Seattle. It is very scenic… at least when I would pry my eyelids open ! Whew we made it! 

If mountain passes were not bad enough we had to go over Desperation Pass  bridge from Fidalgo Island to our home on Whidbey Island 

The height is 180 feet depending on the tide. It is a two lane bridge with each lane 11 feet wide and 3 foot wide walk ways on each side for a total of 28 feet wide! Pretty impressive AND scary. We were traveling across on Sunday afternoon along with LOTS of others going the opposite direction towards their home after celebrating the holiday weekend. On top of those driving towards us, many of those folks were also standing on each of the walk ways taking in the magnificent views. 

These people were busy looking through various cameras or binoculars….they were NOT paying attention to the Mobile Condo/Circus Train that is 8 1/2 feet wide in the 11 foot wide lane! I swear it looked like we were going to take a few out or cause them to take the 180′ plunge with our huge side mirrors, but my calm and cool driver was able to keep the bus centered and no one was hurt!

We took a ride back over on our Harley yesterday to get a closer look. I was much calmer crossing it on the bike than in our home! The area was less traveled on a Tuesday and much fewer folks were on the walkways. We decided to walk across. YIKES! With knees shaking we started our journey all the while remembering what it was like crossing it in our Mobile Condo and keeping an eye out for large vehicles 

 Then…. What did my eye spy coming when we were smack dab in the center of the bridge? 

Holy Mother of GOD! The bridge started vibrating AND the draft the truck caused almost removed my hat! I started to laugh hysterically, NOT because it was the LEAST bit funny…. I was certifiably scared to tears! I could not get off that thing fast enough! The only scarier thought is that we get to drive back over it on SUNDAY with all the other Weekend Warriors! Yippie Skippie I cannot wait!

We arrived at our new home, Whidbey NAS safe, sound and before time to check in. Wow… Those who know us are aware of “Berthold Time” aka LATE. Try as we might we are almost always late. The slot we were scheduled to move into was still occupied. The lovely camp host offered us another option that was the “best” sight in the campground. To be very honest there didn’t seem to be a bad one anywhere. This is by far the BEST campground we have stayed at yet! It is probably the best kept secret ever. I am so thankful that I met  Coral while doing laundry in South Dakota as she is the person who told me we just “HAD” to make it to Whidbey NAS. By all accounts she was right!

Our view is amazing. We were able to pull in facing the Puget Sound. San Juan Islands to our right and Victoria Canada to our left. We were estatic! 

The natives here told us that they were experiencing an unusual weather system here. It is warmer than usual. It is in the mid 70’s. We are in heaven! They all are “sweating” and we are just taking it all in with big breathes of cool sea mist and enjoying the sun dancing on the Sound 

It appears that not only were the people sweating, but the big pine tree that they recently trimmed was also “sweating” sap all over our Mobile Condo and truck! 

Now my Hero is a patient man. Not many things get him riled ….that is with the exception of his dearly loved KC  Chiefs or KU Jayhawks losing a game,  STAINS …..and especially SAP! Whoa, the sap covering our stuff in less than 24 hours has him fit to be tied. He JUST cleaned the entire roof 2 days prior while we were living in Smoking Hot Spokane which was quite the chore! Off he marches to the office to request a move. He doesn’t care if they think this is the best spot in the park …WE NEED TO MOVE! 

His request is granted. We only need to move one space over. There are NO trees which is music to his ears. We still have a fantastic view of the Puget Sound. Let the packing commence!

Moving even only a space over requires stowing everything we put out to make our house cozy. Most of which we were able to walk to the new sight, but we still needed to unhook sewer, electric, water, pull in all the slides yada, yada yada…. It doesn’t matter if you move a few yards or travel miles it all needs to be done! So we get moved and the cleaning begins!

While we were staying at Great Falls we met a fella who use to work in the RV industry after he retired from the Marines. Bill was a wealth of information and loved to share it with anyone who had ears to hear. He shared with us a trick to clean all of our rig, truck &  Harley. He told us not to wax as it removes clear coat. Wash with a mild soap if really dirty, but all you need to use is a concoction of water and clear lamp oil in a spray bottle. Spray on and wipe off with a t-shirt. He mixed up a few tablespoons in a quart of water and sent us on our way.

We put thus WONDER concoction to use on the sap. WOW wow WOW! The stuff is magic! No scrubbing and the shine is incredible! 

We are incredibly blessed that God puts people in our path who help direct us to our next stay or give us tricks that they have learned while being fellow Nomads. We are especially thankful for Coral’s recommendation to make Whidbey Island home. Bill for his recipe to keep our home and toys shiny clean and sap free. 

Life is good on Whidbey Island! It has put Joy into our Journey this week!



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Professional Nomads touring this beautiful country of ours one state at a time. Enjoying the journey without a plan because We Be Winging It

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