Top Gun..well kind of

We made NAS Whidbey Island, WA home for not long enough. The place was gorgeous not only being able to have the Puget Sound out our front door, but the grounds were by far the best place we have been to yet. Filled with beautiful flowers every where we walked.

Even the shower house/bathroom had fresh cut flowers!
We felt like we were camping at the Ritz!

The campground was tucked in the active Naval Air Station home of the EA18 Growlers. 

They have a specialized mission that requires lots of training and practice. So along with the sound of waves crashing  and beautiful bird sounds, we were blessed with the roar of plane engines now and then while the troops were doing touch and go maneuvers. It was like having our own air show every other day. 

One day we decided to check it out up close (kinda) and personal. We rode our bikes down to the end of the flight line while they were doing touch and goes. So amazing and LOUD! With the theme of Top Gun playing in our head we watched the precision in action. I can only imagine what it would be like to land the Growler on an Aircraft carrier bouncing around on the ocean. No wonder it takes so many practice runs! 

 Again, we were reminded of the freedoms that we all are afforded here in the USA and at the cost of lives that freely go into harms way. Most of the Growlers missions are seamless yet when something goes wrong it is catastrophic to many. This memorial really tugged on our hearts. The children pointing to names of Daddys  and Mommys who didn’t get to come home to them.  

 Here too we started our day with Reveille and ended with Taps. Occasionally we got the pleasure of a group running by in Cadence 

We enjoyed bicycling daily. The paths were decorated with lots of unique art and signs 

   Look who else was here! Ha….we can’t seem to get away from Lewis & Clark’s travels! 

Amongst all the beauty we saw this sign was concerning to say the least  

A Superfund site is an uncontrolled or abandoned place where hazardous waste is located, possibly affecting local ecosystems or people. Yowser! The sights were covered in Blackberry bushes too! I guess the birds eat them.

Speaking of birds there was a resident Eagle perched majestically atop a huge tree every day. Our picture doesn’t do it justice. While looking at it through binoculars we could see it was every bit of 4 foot tall. His perch in the tree over looked our American and the Canadian flag. Gave me goosebumps! 

On one of our last days there we took a ride over to the Marina and found our boat  

   If we ever stop “Winging it” ……”Jammin it” maybe next on our bucket list!
Up before Reveille on to our next home. Tacoma, WA here we come!


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2 thoughts on “Top Gun..well kind of”

  1. Amy, you have got the knack for writing! Very easy to read, fun and informative. I hope we hook up someday. We got a taste of Top Gun when we were staying close to the airbase in Alamogordo NM. Impressive!


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