The Search Is On

It seems that we are always in search of something, be it our keys, sunglasses, phones,        cool places to stay and cool things to do while there. Every day we are on the search for something. Lucky us, we usually do find what we are searching for either by aiding each other in the search or with the help of folks people that God puts in our path.

It seems so long ago when we were staying at Whidbey Island, WA. In reality it has only been a month. At the time we had decided we would be checking out Oregon specifically the center of the state, Bend and Eugene. While walking around our campground at Whidbey we struck up a conversation with folks who had Oregon license plates. The folks were from Eugene, OR and gave us recommendations to where we should make our home while visiting Eugene. They told us while Bend, OR has some cool things we should really consider spending time along the coast. Decisions decisions…. the coast won!

I did get sample of Bend,OR though in the liquid form 

 I dearly love Craft beer and this is my new favorite from Deschutes Brewery located in Bend, OR. At least I got a “taste” of Bend!

Guess what….we are not the ONLY people who want to camp along the Oregon coast. Us and probably a KA-billion others! The ENTIRE coast is lined with State parks. We started calling in search of a place and kept hearing “Sorry we’re FULL”. We began to feel like Mary  and Joseph sans me not on the brink of delivering a baby! FINALLY we were able to secure a spot.

On our drive down the coast it was EASY to see why it is so popular. It’s GORGEOUS 

 So off we go traveling down the coast on US Hwy 101. The “Circus Train” bobbing and weaving the curves of the two lane roadway. My handsome chauffeur at the helm navigating us safely. 

 The roadway is PACKED with RVs of all shape and size, cars and BICYCLISTS😁! The road is barely wide enough for vehicles to pass each other. At times there is a bicycle lane which in my opinion is a paved shoulder. Then suddenly no more “shoulder” so the biker is riding literally on the white lane marking.

 Above is a picture of us entering a very dark tunnel with the sign warning us that bikers may be present! YIKES! We made it through fine, but all of a sudden it was us, a bicyclist on our right with a RV coming towards us. No where for us to go. My calm cool chauffeur lays on our fog horn to alert the bicyclists we are coming. I suck in ALL the oxygen in our vehicle and can imagine in my minds eye that we are only 6 feet wide instead of 8 1/2 feet wide! We pass both the other RV coming our way and the bicyclist lived! I exhaled and returned all the oxygen back into the coach! Whew that was close! 

We arrived safely at our new home for the week…. Newport Marina in Newport, OR where you can park your yacht or “land yacht”

    My Handsome CAPTAIN was in his glory. I as his First Mate, found the accommodations and scenery exactly what we were looking for! The night sounds were no longer helicopters practicing maneuvers. Instead, we got to listen to the repeat blast of the fog horn on the ocean competing with the barks of the resident Sea Lions. The best part was the cool sea air and no need for air conditioning. We actually had to dig our small space heater out to warm us up. We felt as though we were living in the “Twilight Zone” because when we watched TV we were getting our broadcasts from Portland (only 136 miles away) that were reporting record high temps of 90-100 degrees for the 7 days we were in New Port and here we were using a heater? 

Due to the extreme heat in the “valley” the wind off of the ocean was a FIERCE WIND that started everyday at noon and lasted until 7 at night. I am talking WIND! We lived in Kansas for 19 years and “thought” we knew windy, but not ANYTHING like we experienced here! WOW!

We were in search of the whales and seals that are residents in the area. In the search we often came up empty without sightings of them, but not empty of gorgeous scenery. 

   Our search for whales and seals took us to the Yaquina Head which is a narrow, coastal piece of land that extends off the coast line. It was formed by ancient lava flows and extends out into the ocean 1 mile. There is a beautiful lIghthouse there that had been lit since August 1873 
We didn’t see whales, but did see a Momma Seal and her pup taking a break on the rocks 

 There are AMAZING tides pool there too. We ventured out to the area in low tide and got to see lots if creatures that call the Tide Pools home 

  Check out the blue Bat Star fish on top of the other Star Fish WOW!  
SO colorful and beautiful!

We took a ride on the Harley to explore the coast and a visit to Siuslaw National Forest. We were all bundled up in our leather coats due to how cold it was where we began our journey. Much to our surprise only 7 miles inland we were shedding our coverings as the temperature was no less than 20 degrees warmer! CrAzY!!

Of course living on or near to the ocean the major industry is the fishing industry.  

 Commercial fishing boats were EVERYWHERE as well as tons of Crab Pots as it is Dungeness Crab season. You can buy Tuna for about $2.50/lb. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take advantage of this “deal” as you must purchase the whole Tuna and the Mobile Condo’s freezer just cannot accommodate that much fish especially since we Flatlanders enjoy beef, chicken and pork too! We did enjoy some of the local fare though…delicious chowder and fish sandwiches for lunch.

Tons of logging trucks everywhere servicing the wood mills dotting the countryside. 

We saw groomed Christmas trees farms with acres upon acres of Christmas trees that will be making someone’s  home festive in December. 

We saw orchards of Filbert nut aka Hazelnut. I wondered why they called Hazelnuts Fiberts. 

Here is a bit of “Cocktail Trivia” …According to Wikipedia, the  most widely believed story explaining this second name is steeped in religion. The feast day of St. Philbert, a French saint, falls on August 20th. That also happens to be peak harvest time for hazelnuts, which traditionally mature in late August. So people started applying the saint’s name to the nuts that were in season on his feast day.

Oregon grows 98% of Hazelnuts produced in the USA. I am thankful to Oregon not only for delicious beer, but also for Hazelnuts as they flavor my Lattes  AND NUTELLA!

We made one last search for whales as we rode along the coast on the 101 heading south  

 Low and behold we saw one off of Seal Rock Beach. SUCCESSFUL journey. It is  just too bad that he was too camera shy for me to capture. Trust me we DID see him … Or at least his spout as he came to the surface. SOOooo cool!

Fall is in the air. As we made our way inland we noticed the Aspens and Maple trees are starting to change color. It is almost time for us to head further south and east. We are still SEARCHING…..for adventures, joy in our journey and 70 degree weather!😉 



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Professional Nomads touring this beautiful country of ours one state at a time. Enjoying the journey without a plan because We Be Winging It

3 thoughts on “The Search Is On”

  1. Love living your life vicariously through your blog- would love it more if I was actually living it (other than scary tunnels and really preferring to have a chauffeur doing the maneuvering!). Thanks for sharing your amazing journey!


  2. It’s so great to “travel” along with the two of you and get to see the pictures and places along the way. I’m also loving your history and geography lessons along the way! Safe travels, and looking forward to more great stories.


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