Coburg,Oregon the birthplace of the Mobile Condo

My handsome chauffeur is the captain of doing things efficiently. It does not matter what he does. When we lived in Kansas on Saturday he would do what our family called the “Efficiency Run”. He would have lots of errands that require any where between 2-15 stops depending on what he needed done or what kind of deals were to be had . He always appreciated company to do this. He would make deals with the kids that often included a stop at their favorite doughnut shop or out to lunch if they would tag along with him. I dislike shopping and running errands with a passion. He was more likely to get one of the kids to join him before I would go. As they got older they got busier with their own obligations and the request for companionship on the Efficency Run fell on my shoulders. My handsome chauffer KNEW  how much I detest shopping. I DO NOT browse. I go in, get what I need and OUT. He on the other hand enjoys the quest for a deal and loves analyzing things to the nth degree to make sure he gets the value he needs. When the request for me to join him on his Saturday excursion he would often “conveniently” leave out ALL the stops he was going to make because if he DID tell me what his WHOLE plan was I would with out a doubt tell him I would not be joining him. He is a sly one that guy!

When we became owners of the Mobile Condo we were huge novices. As I previously wrote, my Handsome Chauffer aka McGuyver LOVES to know how things work. He was in communication OFTEN via phone with the manufacturer of our coach. He and “Frank” got well aquainted through multiple phone conversations through this past year trying to trouble shoot “bumps” in the road we hit. Frank is located in Coburg, Oregon the “birth place” of our new home. When we planned to go to visit the northwest my Captain of Efficiency planned a trip to Coberg to meet Frank in person and thank him for all his help through out this past year. It also just so happened to be time for the Mobile Condo’s annual check up and oil change and there is a Cummins Coach Care just down the road from Frank. Talk about efficient Eh?

A month out we scheduled our service date and planned our trip accordingly. From previous experiences we have had with any and all of our vehicles I asked my Captain of Efficiency to pad the time with an extra day “just in case” something else came up on the inspection and we needed to have parts ordered. Always the optimist, my Captain did not think we would need it, but honored my request.  We arrived on Wednesday, service to be done on Thursday with Friday an extra day if we needed it. 

We arrived at Cummings and set up camp for the night as we had a 7:45 a.m. appointment. We got up bright and early to turn over our home to the hands of the professionals. We gave them a punch list of a few items that we wanted them to check out “while they were at it” …..again being efficient is our name. They were more than happy to oblige. The wait began…..about every half hour or so Drew (aka Dreaded Dr. Doom) would come into the waiting room we set up camp in for the day and gave us the update on the work progress AND the changes in the estimate that he gave us 30 minutes ago. The price did NOT go down each time he came in either!

This brought back memories! Six months ago we were awaiting the arrival of our first grandchild. Such an exciting time. The little blessing was so warm and cozy he decided to wait about 2 weeks past his due date. When we got the call that his precious Mommy would be induced on Thursday, February 12th we were excited beyond belief that our wait was over. We hit the road bright and early to drive up from Florida to Nashville hopefully in time for the delivery. As luck would have it, we arrived and he had not yet. We got there in time to go to the airport and pick up his grandma who was flying in from Wichita, KS. The little blessing was just waiting for ALL of us to arrive before he made his entrance. Maybe he has inherited his Pop’s efficiency gene ?

Just like adding a day to our repair visit….our little blessing decided to wait an extra day too! On February 13, 2015  our hearts exploded with JOY unimaginable when we finally got to meet Crawford Scott Berthold!

Time does fly when your having fun. We can hardly get over all the changes he has gone through and how fast time is flying by. 

We are so thankful that we live in a time where we can talk daily to all of our kids and Facetime. I don’t think we would have made it out of Spring Hill, TN  without these tools. With that said we are looking forward to seeing him (and his parents😉) really soon. Nothing like hugs and kisses live and in person!

The wait continues in our new waiting room.  

 They have addressed all of our concerns and MORE than we knew going into this checkup. We get to spend another day camping in the parking lot of the Cummins dealer as Dr. Doom had to source a part out of Portland and have it shipped over night. Good thing we planned an extras day Eh?

As long as all goes well, we will move to our new campground tomorrow.  I have been given the professional information that we will be BETTER than new! Thank you God and all the angels that kept us safe while getting here! 

Captain Efficiency booked our campground in Eugene, OR. GUESS WHAT ITS ONLY 2.8 miles away! Woo hoo…. that drive I will not mind in the least. On top of that we are going on a SPECIAL Efficiency Run to the Eugene airport on Monday to pick up a very special person in our lives.

YIPPIE!!!!! Our beautiful daughter will be joining us on our journey for the next week. Now this type of Efficiency Run I am HAPPY to go on!


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Professional Nomads touring this beautiful country of ours one state at a time. Enjoying the journey without a plan because We Be Winging It

One thought on “Coburg,Oregon the birthplace of the Mobile Condo”

  1. Hi again, all looks so wonderful and take great pleasure in seeing you all having so much fun and enjoying each other! Your quest is still the beauty she always was and Crawford is very handsome and cute. Always look forward to all the pics and comments. We did the 101 drive, once at night, not so much fun and then again during daylight, which was fantastic. Carry on to your next adventure.
    And yes you are all very blessed and stay that way!
    Love always to all, Stephanie


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