Time Flies!

When we are waiting  for anything time seems to simply drag on. It doesn’t matter what it is, a line at the gas station, a returned call from tech support for the Mobile Condo or the arrival of a very special guest! Why then once the special guest arrives the next seven days flies by in a blink of an eye?  It is at these times I wish time stood still!  

 We picked up our “Glorious Hitchhiker” and the clock started running in triple time. We had her for seven days. We had lots of places we wanted to see and several hundreds of miles to cover in order to fit it in. 

We made home Eugene, OR while waiting for our Glorious Hitchhiker to join us from San Francisco to begin our 7 day journey. While we were awaiting our guest we stayed in a quaint county campground. There were various types of campers making the park home. As we sat waiting we were entertained with seeing how creative people are 

   I guess our Circus train doesn’t look as odd as I thought it did!
When we lived in a “sticks and bricks” home we lived in university towns. Eugene is the home of University of Oregon. The campus and downtown is beautiful. 

   They are as proud of their Ducks as we are of our beloved Jayhawks in Lawrence, KS. There is a real sense of community through the city.

As soon as we picked up our guest the clock started running so off we went. Next stop Crater Lake! We traversed through Willamette National Forest and Deschutes National Forest up and over the Huckleberry Mountain. We broke through the forest to come upon a high desert  

 We were welcomed into Crater National Park by a Ranger. Nothing was said about how long our circus train was so we were confident we could maneuver around. The atlas showed a relatively easy drive along the rim of the lake to get to the other side of the park where our campground was. The ten mile ride was made up of winding roads, going around sharp corners with shear drop off, no shoulders, crumbling asphalt and no guardrails!  It was as though riding a roller coaster for hours in that ten mile ride.We made it safe and sound…WHEW! The best thing was we could exit the park right where our campground was… Thank you God! Something’s are better not repeating and driving the circus train through the park is one of them for sure!

My handsome chauffeur and the hitchhiker hopped on the Harley to go back through the park to see things at a relaxed pace.  

 We have had the privilege of seeing many beautiful bodies of water in our travels over the many years, but Crater Lake’s BLUE water is a color we have not seen before. The clarity is amazing. It is BREATHTAKING! Again, pictures don’t do it justice like seeing it live and in person!

Crater Lake is a caldera lake which means it was formed by the eruption of a volcano. It was formed around 7,700 (± 150) years ago by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama.  The lake partly fills a nearly 2,148-foot deep caldera .There are no rivers flowing into or out of the lake; the evaporation is compensated for by rain and snowfall at a rate such that the total amount of water is replaced every 250 years. The lake measures 5 by 6 miles in area. At 1,943 feet deep the lake is the deepest in the United States, and the seventh or ninth deepest in the world, depending on whether average or maximum depth is measured.

The riders were greeted by one of the resident Chipmunks.  He was looking for snacks and appears to have been successful! 

 If looking at the lake wasn’t cool enough the riders got a HUGE surprise and chuckle when they spotted …… 

 In my wildest dreams I never thought the Weiner Mobie would be in the park. I wonder how they enjoyed the ride through. I can only imagine what it would have been like careening one of the corners to come face to face to that huge Weiner! 

Our campsite was nestle amongst large beautiful Pines. We had lots of entertainment from the resident Chipmunks. 

 The furry friends would let the Hitchhiker get just close enough then scoot away. It brought back memories of when she was 10 and how she would try to sneak up on them while camping in Yellowstone. I have to say she was far luckier this time. I think other campers have been giving them nibbles of treats in the past so they were not in least afraid of humans.

The riders took advantage of a hike on Annie Creek Canyon trail. One of the Glorious Hitchhiker’s goals on this journey was to take a dip in a river. She dipped her hands on the 38 degree creek and decided against it….BRrrrrr


Of course no one gets cell service. It’s been awhile since I have seen or used one of these. 

 It was a wee bit unsettling not having a connection to the world. It proved to me how important it is to me. You should have seen us all once we did get service….it was like going to an all you can eat buffet after starving for 3 days!

I previously spoke about how incredibly dry it has been out here in the northwest. It is wild fire season and scary. On our ride through the park we came upon what at first thought were low clouds. We came around the bend and realized it was smoke.  

   A big fire in the distance with little ones sprouting up here and there. The Rangers and Firefighters have their work cut out for them. They did a great job communicating what was going on to the guests and hikers in the park.
  As we left the park heading south on 101 the smoke was so heavy it was hard to see at times. 

 We saw so many fire trucks heading north.  

 We also came upon a MASSIVE tent city that was “home” for hundreds of firefighters. There were closed highways  

 Thankfully we did not have to take a detour as  our route was open. We know now that as we head east on our journey to leave California we are not only looking at highways that the Circus Train can maneuver and  the weather conditions. We also need to check wildfire statuses and road closures.

Our journey down the 101 through the Redwoods was so pretty and curvy as well. 


 The size of these graceful giants is  incredible. There  were spots where they actually had to carve out some of the trees as they were encroaching on the highway and vehicles would hit them.

We made it to our next campsite along the Klamath River. We took a ride to see the action at the mouth of the Klamath as it dumped into the Pacific. It is Salmon season so LOTS of fisherman in the area. The seals were also excited and were competing with the humans for the delicious fish. Their barks were so much fun to hear.



After the bombing of Pearl Harbor during WWII the possibility of attack on our U.S. Mainland became real. To guard against this the U.S. Army built farm buildings along the coast we were at that from air or sea appeared to be a farm, but actually housed generators and 2 fifty caliber anti aircraft machine guns. The buildings are still there. Thankfully they were not needed!

Off to see the Mystery of the Trees, but first a stop to drive through a Redwood.  

   We made it! Next stop Paul Bunyun and Babe the Blue Ox’s place. 
 Here we were able to hike trails through the massive Redwoods. INCREDIBLE 

 Again, the pictures don’t do it justice. We also rode in an enclosed gondola through the Redwoods to an observation deck over the forest.  

   Our Glorious Hitchhiker was less than enthused with the ride. Poor girl! 
 The view from the top was spectacular! 

Back on the ground we finished our journey through the park looking at carving done by an artist with only the use of a chain saw.  

   Up and early the next day to motor further south as we needed to get our guest back to San Francisco. We traveled the 101 the scenery was beautiful yet smoke filled the air as there was a north wind pushing the smoke along with us.
Our Hitchhiker still wanted to get into a river. We pulled over for lunch on the side of the 101. Off she headed into a river along the side of the 101 some where between Eureka and Ukiah, CA. Goal accomplished  

The further south we headed the heat became unbearable! We decided to make Ukiah, CA home for the night. The heat was stifling and the air was filled with smoke. 

 We were awakened bright and early by my handsome chauffeur as he had discovered that our refrigerator/freezer had quit working over night. NOT the way we wanted to start our day! Thankfully we were only 2 hours from our next destination and close to resources to help us with our dilemma. 

We spent our last night together enjoying a DELICIOUS dinner at the restaurant our Hitchhiker serves. As a child she was a VERY PICKY eater. She has grown in so many ways…especially in her palate. Our roles were reversed when she insisted we try anchovies. I have to admit I did it reluctantly. She used my own words on me. The very ones I coaxed her with when she was a tyke “try it before you say you don’t like it”. 


Guess what…. I liked them! 

Our visit came to an end too soon!! Our Beautiful Hitchhiker introduced us to many of her amazing friends as we enjoyed our dinner. San Francisco is her home now. She is in her element and so very happy that only brings us joy!!
It is said that you give your child roots and wings. Roots are about having a sense of what home is. Home not as in the bricks and mortar (or a Mobile Condo) necessarily although this does help, but home as the unconditional love and support that home gives. It is the understanding of family and of values. A shelter from the storm, a place inside that is always home. My understanding of roots is also about having a sense of place in the world.

To give our children wings means to truly give them the freedom to fly the nest. To trust and love them completely. To give them our blessings to choose the path they will walk. To give them wings without conditions. This is a gift from us to them. 

I am happy to say we gave our kids their roots and their wings. We couldn’t  be prouder of the people they have become. 

 So the wait begins …. I can hardly wait until we will be together again whenever it shall be or WHEREVER!

 I sure hope the time flies as fast as it did when we were together! We are so blessed!


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Professional Nomads touring this beautiful country of ours one state at a time. Enjoying the journey without a plan because We Be Winging It

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