Lemons and Lemonade

Living the “Dream” can be interrupted by a variety of things be it road construction, weather, mechanical challenges with the rig or the breakdown of appliance. We have had the “pleasure” of ALL of them. The most recent was the refrigerator when it was 105 degrees out! YIKES! 

We woke up on our last leg of our journey to San Francisco to find that our refrigerator decided to “take a powder”. Thankfully it happened when and where it did as we had been spending the last 5 days in very remote places with no phone service let alone RV refrigerator repair men in the area! 

We hit the road fast as we could to get to “civilization” with the only challenge that it was Sunday and there were no service centers open. We placed lots of calls to “Mobile Repairmen” that will come to you, but Grrrr again it was Sunday and no one was answering their phones. So we packed what we could salvage in a cooler full of ice and determined to spend our last day with our guest having Funday Sunday.

My Handsome Chauffeur kicked into his “MacGuyver” mode bright and early hitting the phones trying to get someone out to try and help him trouble shoot the problem. Hitting brick wall after brick wall he finally got someone to come to us to help him figure out what we needed. The demand for RV repair folks is GREAT and the number available is LOW! 

I took to the internet searching for possible solutions. It could be anything from a fuse to a cooling unit (which could lead to a purchase of a new refrigerator). I contacted my fellow Nomads and asked their advice. It appears that EVERYONE has had challenges with their refrigerators. At least we were in good company 😉!

MacGuyver finally was able to get a mobile repairman to come to our aid and help troubleshoot our dilemma. Frank showed up ready to help, but forgot a few necessary things….his eye glasses and hearing aids! I swear we are not making this stuff up! He fiddled around with a few things and gave us the diagnosis that we were in need of a new cooling unit. Not what we wanted to hear. Oh but it gets better… the part alone would be $900 then add labor we were looking at $2000! Frank made the suggestion that we may want to consider buying a brand new fridge as our’s is 8 years old and we will begin seeing other things go wrong. OUCH!!!!

 MacGuyver was not convinced that Dr.Frank knew what he was talking about so he asked if Frank would be willing to dig a bit deeper into some of the electronics as when MacGuyver was checking things he discovered that the fans were not running. Frank shrugged his shoulders and agreed to delve further. 

While checking fuses and wires with good eyesight is difficult, without the aid of glasses Frank made more work for himself as he shorted out wires that blew a fuse to the coach! MacGuyver to the rescue… He was able to find the problem Frank caused and fixed it! MacGuyver then bypassed  some “thermostat thingy and wired the fans to work constantly to see if this would cool the refrigerator.

As Frank presented us with a bill for his “Work” MacGuyver asked him how certain he was that we needed a cooling unit. Frank replied that he was 100% certain! MacGuyver bid him farewell and said that he would get back with him.

Off  we go into San Francisco to bring our Glorious Hitchhiker home. It was a bittersweet ride. We had a WONDERFUL time with her and saying goodbye is not one of my strong suits! 

After a delicious dinner we headed back to the Mobile Condo anxious to check on the refrigerator. Drum roll please.. MacGuyver opens the door to see that the temperature has gone DOWN!! Tada… MacGuyver saves the day. Take that Dr. Frank! 😊

Up early the next morning making calls to procure the parts needed to fix the refrigerator MacGuyver also called Frank to tell him we would NOT need a cooling unit. Frank then states he needs to HIRE MacGuyver 😂😂😂!

So lemons to lemonade….we get to extend our visit to the San Fran area waiting on parts. When we hit any challenge (and we have had PLENTY of those) where I want to curl up in a ball and cry MacGuyver gets energized as he loves to figure things out. I have no idea how people live this lifestyle without their own MacGuyver. I am so very thankful for mine! 

MacGuyver thrives on challenges and has a passion for improving processes, in fact after spending 18 years in manufacturing he started his own company called Process Improvement Group. He enjoys helping people out finding ways to improve their processes therefore increase their bottom line. He has been helpful not only in manufacturing, but has helped various places we have stayed along our journey. Still manufacturing pulls his heart strings.

Along our journey we have taken a few breaks to tour manufacturing facilities. We stopped in Tillamok, OR to tour a cheese plant.  

   We have been to Rogue Brewery in Newport, OR 
 Lucky us the Jelly Belly manufacturing plant was is the same neighborhood we picked up the new parts for our fridge! 

   YAY for free samples! Nothing MacGuyver enjoys more than Cheese, Beer and most of all JELLY BEANS!
We returned from our “SWEET” tour to the task at hand…. Putting in the new parts. It should have been a simple task, but thanks to Dr. Frank’s lack of glasses he cut wires too short so MacGuyver got to rewire things before he could replace the parts! Gee thanks Frank! 

MacGuyver was successful and in the morning the readings on our thermometer were better than we have ever seen since owning the Mobile Condo! All said and done the repair cost us around $150 ( which included Dr. Frank’s bill😡) which was a welcome relief from our first estimate of $2000!

With a few extra days in the area we decided to venture back into San Francisco to have lunch with the Glorious Hitchhiker and one more hug before heading east. Traveling and parking in San Fran is not in the least easy! We made the decision to make the trek on the Harley as it was a beautiful day and much easier to park the Harley than our truck. 

Off we head on our 50 mile journey. Guess what LOTS of people had the same idea about going into the city that day. There was a baseball game in Oakland on top of lots of other things to do so we were stuck in traffic!

In California you can “split the lanes” when riding a motorcycle. This means you can go between cars riding along the dotted white line! It is CrAzY to watching riders fly thru the traffic! We opted not to do this as it is SO dangerous in our minds. So we sit in bumper to bumper traffic waited creeping and at a standstill waiting to pay the toll to cross the Bay Bridge when ALL OF A SUDDEN we are throw off our bike and the bike is on the ground! We were hit from behind by an 85 year old man who didn’t see us! This was beginning to be a terrible day!

We are so thankful for the folks that stopped and came to our aid ( Thank you Gene & Katrina from Utah) The police and ambulance were called. I have no idea how they got to us so quickly given all the traffic, but they did. We were very shook up, bruised and battered, but no need to be transported to a ER. We were told by the ambulance guy to expect to be very sore. Our bike too is bruised and battered but drivable. So everyone gave their statements and we hopped back on the bike gingerly and headed the rest of our journey into SAN FRANCISCO 

 Yep your eyes are not playing tricks on you we were only 9.6 miles away from our destination and it was going to take another 32 mins. I will add the LONGEST 32 minutes of our lives!

We arrived safely into the arms of one shook up “little” girl. We assured her we were fine just sore and shook up ourselves. We enjoyed a quick visit with lunch before we had to leave again. So very thankful to get another hug and kiss from her! Off we headed back to our home at Travis AFB.

The ride was just as precarious and we were “gun shy” to say the least. By the time we made it back the adrenalin was starting to subside and the soreness as predicted by the ambulance attendant was kicking in full force. Next stop the ER at the base hospital.  

 We were seen immediately. The Dr did a very quick assessment and gave the diagnosis of contusions (bruising) told us to expect to feel worse before we got better.He prescribed medicines to help along  with rest, ice and heat. We were told to follow up with our Primary Care Dr. on Monday. Well now that was going to be a challenge as our Primary Care Drs are in Tennessee! Oh the life of a Nomad does have a few challenges now doesn’t it?!!!

The accident was on a Saturday so we had to wait for accident report from police department which would not be ready until Monday the day we were leaving the area of course! So lots of rest on Sunday for us!

My Hero got up bright and early to get the report and start dealing with insurance. We are ever so grateful that the gentleman who hit us has insurance and we will be taken care of and the bike will get fixed! It is hard for people to understand our Nomadic lifestyle, but his insurance company told us we can get the repairs and medical attention done where ever we want. 

So we continue on our trek to the east taking it slow and steady. When we get to a “home base” for an extended time we will have the repairs done. We are thankful we are not hurt any worse than we are and plan to get evaluated soon.

We are thankful for so many things in life, especially to our Guardian Angel for our constant protection on our journey.

Without challenges there would be no victories, without rain there would be no rainbows and without lemons no lemonade! We are toasting everyone with a large cold ( thanks to our refrigerator) glass lemonade as we continue putting joy into our journey💖


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Professional Nomads touring this beautiful country of ours one state at a time. Enjoying the journey without a plan because We Be Winging It

One thought on “Lemons and Lemonade”

  1. I just read about your accident. I am so glad you guys are OK and that your bike is being fixed. As Nomads, we never think of these things happening to us while on a the road, but when they do – we somehow figure all the logistics out!. I am so glad it all turned out fine for you both.

    We leave IA tomorrow (finally) heading to CO. Danny will be working there until about January. I fly out on the 10th to spend the last month and a half with Ashley before she has the baby. I can hardly wait!!

    We miss you guys and are anticipating being in FL in February. We will keep you posted!! Til then, be careful, stay safe and continue enjoying your life and each other!!


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