Rocky Mountain High…Colorado


Everytime we go to Colorado the John Denver song comes to mind or scenes from the goofy movie Dumb and Dumber! Living in Missouri and Kansas for 35 years we often took road trips to take advantage of skiing in the Rocky Mountains. We had never been west of Vail. I think we only visited the state twice in all those years when there was no snow. What a treat to cross the state and take in its beauty…thankfully no snow too!

As we followed the Colorado River out of Utah the water became much less muddy in appearance.  

 The contrast in colors of the mountains was so pretty, especially the lush green we saw 

   There is a saying amongst the RV community regarding travel days. Travel no more than 300 miles and or stop by 3:00  in the afternoon. For the most part we have adhered to this advice. Some days when traveling through the winding roads of mountains we didn’t get that far before 3:00, but more often than not we would be stopped by 3:0o or 4:00. In the year we have owned the Mobile Condo we have only put the lights on twice! We have no desire to travel at night. Too many chances of hitting deer etc. plus, my Handsome Chauffer needs to rest after 6 hours at the helm. With this in mind we left Moab later than we normally do with the intention to stay in Glenwood Springs, CO.
The drive was an easy one given that we were on interstate. When we got to Glenwood Springs and my Handsome Chauffeur was feeling good so we set our sights on spending the night in Silverthorn or Dillion. This is where we called home plenty of times on our ski adventures as it is centrally located to many ski resorts. We knew that Dillon Lake had camping on it and if all else failed there was a Walmart parking lot for us to call home for the night. 

We pulled the circus train into the  camp ground on the lake that happens to be run by the U.S. Forest Service which should have been our first clue! According to my trusted camping app on my phone the information stated the park was BIG Rig friendly and had water and electricity. It was not falsely advertised, but there were only a handful of such sites and they we ALL occupied. We cruised the park which was NOT an easy task for the Circus Train to maneuver. We were in search of a pull through spot as we were only going to sleep. Unhooking the truck for just an overnight is something we avoid at all costs. We were directed to a few by the camp host but we were unable to fit! He called the other park across the lake and was told they had PLENTY of pull thru sites, but they were primitive spots (no hook ups) which we were fine with as we have a generator on board for electricity & we always have water on board so off we go towards the other side of the lake.

On our way over I placed a call to Walmart to inquire about the possibility of making this our overnight home. We were told that we were welcome to stay there. YIPPIE! One thing that we did not know or recall from our previous visits this Walmart is the SMALLEST Walmart EVER. The parking lot was small and FULL of shoppers. There was no way we were going to fit. My Handsome Chauffeur navigated through the bustling 5:00 traffic of the parking lot like threading an elephant through the eye of a needle. He NEVER ceases to amaze me with his ability. I am so blessed!!!

Whew, we made it out of the lot and headed UP a mountain to the other campground. It had been raining off and on through out the day and the road to get into the park was MUDDY and chuck full of many pot holes! 

 We gave the Circus Train’s shocks a work out. After looking around the park my SMART ( and very frustrated) Handsome Chauffeur determined that we need to find somewhere else as if the rain continued we may very well get STUCK here. So back to the drawing board we head back towards I70 east bound. Note to self… we will most likely NEVER be able to fit the Circus Train in a U.S. National Forestry Camp ground!

Being very familiar with the area and the terrain this rider began to get nervous as I am FULLY aware of the steep grades and curves on the way down into Denver. I called the very few campgrounds that were between Dillon and Denver batting a big fat ZERO. So off we go down our LAST mountain pass!

The scenery was still stunning. I tried to focus on the beauty and NOT the road construction, uneven lanes and orange cones! 

BONUS it was becoming dusk! YIKES! My Handsome Chauffer did amazing  of course. I kept my eye opened for any of the resident Big Horn Sheep, Elk or Deer who may decide to join us on the busy interstate. Thankfully no wildlife was seen. Finally we could see Denver on the horizon 

 We had reservations in Loveland, CO starting the next day so we made the decision to head north towards the park. God provided us with this amazing sight as we headed north. 

 It was getting dark FAST so we decided that we needed to stop. Thankfully, Cabella’s in Thorton, CO was able to accommodate us for the night. My Handsome Chauffeur was BEAT! 

Up early we pulled in our bedroom slide and made our shortest journey ever. 40 miles and we were home for the holiday weekend and only 5 miles from our extended family! Yay!!! We began the process of setting up housekeeping. Rutro Astro…… Our bedroom slide would not extend out fully or close completely! Frustrated, yet sending up a prayer of thanks that it happened here and NOT in the Cabella’s  lot. You see police  frown on you traveling with your slide extended especially since we would require a Wide Load Pilot vehicle escorting you.😆

MacGuyver to the rescue AGAIN! After removing old sticky funky “lubricant” and a Mud Dabber nest we gave it a go again. Little be little the slide fully extended. Whew. We began to believe that although removing the nest and relubricating the slide was helpful we were dealing with an electric issue. MacGuyver calls his “friend” at tech support Frank or Tyler in Coburg, OR to help us troubleshoot the issue. Tyler informs MacGuyver he is pretty sure we are dealing with a fuse issue. An easy fix! Onto O’Reilly to purchase said fuse. Life is GOOD!

We were looking so forward to spending time with our family. It had been TOO long since we were together. We took every chance to visit and enjoy each other’s company. We had the privilege of going to see our nephew’s high school football game.   


A visit to Fort Collins, CO to enjoy delicious Rocky Mountain Pizza  

  Smores by the campfire  

   We also had a visit from our neighbor Ziggy the traveling piggy   


 Throughout our journey we have met many great neighbors. Ziggy and his “Mom” Kristen are some of the best and most interesting. Ziggy is 5 years old.  He was born in the Virgin Islands. Kristen always dreamed of owning  minature Pot Bellied Pig. When she met Ziggy it was love at first sight. She was assured that Ziggy would grow  to be around 20 pounds. He grew and grew and GREW! So did her love for him. Ziggy tips the scales at 250 pounds now. He mainly eats a vegan diet. His treats consist on peanuts and Coors beer! He loves belly rubs with a broom  

  He lives in a RV while traveling the continental USA. His “Mom” had to hire a private jet to relocate  him here from the islands to the tune of $15,000.00!! She said that was the money she was going to use for his college tuition😂😂😂! We will miss Ziggy & Kristen, but we can follow his adventures along with his 6+thousand followers on Facebook. He also will be a feature in the Huffington Post in the near future. 

Our home for the weekend was a mere 25 miles away from Rocky Mountain National Park. The ride there was beautiful along the river that is home to loads of Trout. Lots of Anglers were giving it a go  

  We took in the beauty from top of the park  

   Our eye always on the search for wild life. We came upon this guy as we exited the park. He was more interested in the horseback riders on the nearby trail than posing for me to get a better picture.     
 The weekend FLEW by. We LOVE Colorado and look forward to our next visit in May to celebrate our Niece’s graduation. For now we will say so long Rocky Mountain High….Colorado……HELLO prairies of Kansas. Each mile brings us closer to this K-State fan and his family. Yippie!  



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