There’s No Place Like Home

I have no idea how many times I have watched The Wizard of Oz over my lifetime. The movie  has grown to have a deeper meaning since we became Professional Nomads. While we absolutely love our new life, coming home to Kansas is like food for my soul.  

   Crossing Kansas from west to east is not new to us. We did it numerous times over the years. Driving across it this time was like looking through a different lens. I especially appreciated the vast FLAT landscape after all the mountain passes! I loved looking off to the south and seeing a good old thunderstorm brewing. 
  The terrain was familiar, as were the landmarks of the cities we had to travel through while we made our way east. We were so close, yet so far away. With the storm brewing it was apparent that we were going to have to stop for the night. Thanks to our gracious host, WALMART of Hays, Kansas we set up “home for the night” and enjoyed the beauty of the sky as the storm skirted around us! 

   Thankfully we did not have to experience a tornado as Dorothy and her family did in the Wizard of Oz!
Up early the next morning we made our way across the last bit of Kansas to our home for the next three weeks. WOW, THREE whole weeks in one place sounded like a lifetime seeing we had been moving every couple of days for the last few months. 

We arrived safely at our destination. I guess our truck was glad to be there as well. We went through the process of   unhooking the Circus Train. Low and behold the truck decided it was the PERFECT place to decide to not start!  

 Is there ever a “perfect ” place for a vehicle not to start? Well, for us this WAS the perfect place! Our gracious host has a shop FULL of tools to get about ANY job done and the knowledge to help MacGuyver diagnose the problem. By the next day the truck had a new starter thanks to the workmanship of MacGuyver and our host! All’s well that ends well. Next stop was to our doctors to get us “fixed” after our motorcycle accident we had in California. We were hopeful that our fix was as easy as  the truck!

We get asked loads of questions about our Nomad life. For instance how we manage snail mail, medical treatment etc… We had been blessed to have most of these things in place, but we found out the hard way that urgent medical treatment is a big hurdle when you move every three or four days. We are so very thankful that we were not injured any worse than we were when we were hit. Alas, we do have some residual maladies that need to be addressed. When we were seen in the Emergency Room after the accident the physician addressed our injuries and gave us medication to get us by for the night along with the recommendation to see our primary care Doctors for follow up as “we were going to feel worse before we get better.”  Now this was going to be a problem as our Primary Care Physicians are in KANSAS and TENNESSEE! OUCH…literally! 

We made the best of the situation with over the counter meds, ice and rudimentary physical therapy excersises thanks to the Internet and Web MD! We had so many places we still wanted to see as we made our way across the states. Unfortunately, we did see these places on a Readers Digest form. Instead of spending a week in places to thoroughly explorer the sights we were rushing through them all just like  Clark Griswold in Family Vacation. 

Safely in Kansas we started seeing our family and friends in between doctors and chiropractor appointments,  instead of in the reverse. Healing will be a process. One step forward and 2 steps back. We made the best of our time under the circumstances. 

Unfortunately, we were not able to see everyone that we wanted to.  We were so very blessed to be able to visit our extended family who live in the Kansas City area and those who made the trek from Illinois and the U.P.of Michigan to see us while we were in town.

We celebrated the first birthday of our great nephew Jack!

   his older brother Ty was a bit concerned with the mess the birthday boy was making with his cake which was so funny!
  We  got to see the birthday boy’s grandparents (my Handsome Chauffer’s brother and sister-in-love).Great Grandpa (Handsome Chauffer’s Dad)and Great Grandma,all of which came from Illinois. G.G.held still long enough for a photo with his traveling Nomad children.

We are HUGE sports fans and come from an extended family that loves all sports. We had the privilege of joining our family to watch our nephew # 81 play football 


 We got to see our great niece play soccer being coached by our nephew/her Daddy  


Living in Lawtence Kansas for 20 years we are very familiar with the history and bad blood between Kansas and Missouri  that stems from Quantril’s Raid. In 1863 Quantril’s Raiders’s a loosely organized group of Pro Confederates came into Lawrence, Kansas and massacred the city of Lawrence. The attack on Lawrence was due to the town’s long support of abolition and its reputation as a center for Jayhawkers , which were free-state militia and vigilante groups known for attacking and destroying farms and plantations in Missouri’s pro-slavery western counties. Their rivalry continues today especially in sports. This rivalry is alive and well within our family. We are a family divided with our allegiances  to either KU Jayhawks and MU Tigers. Each of us wear our “colors” with great pride 

   We all got a kick out of seeing the Matriarch of our family,who is by far the BIGGEST KU Jayhawk fan EVER,have to wear a Mizzou hat as the sun was in her eyes. All who know her probably cannot believe it! I am not sure she will ever live it down from her Mizzou kids!
We also had the privilege of enjoying a breakfast together while our beautiful niece’s high school orchestra entertained us. 

   The Kansas City folks are pretty excited as their beloved  Royals are doing well. We got to enjoy the evening with one of our favorite Royal’s fan 

 We were honored to spend time catching up with this cast of characters.

 My Handsome Chauffer got his hair done by this lovely beautician 

  The three weeks that I first thought was going to be a LONG visit flew by in a blink of an eye. There is never enough time. We had to say so long to our gracious host and hostess 
And secured our reservation to stay with them in May when we return for this guy’s graduation 

 We were filled with SOUL food from our visit HOME. Dorothy was right in The Wizard of Oz….”There IS no place like HOME” but Dorothy didn’t have this guy waiting for her like we do in Tennessee!

 It is said “Home is where your heart is.” Our hearts are in Tennesee with this guy and his parents. The Circus Train is heading east to catch up to our hearts!