Come On Down

Every day at 10:00 a.m. Central time the words “Come On Down”could be heard from our T.V. especially if our son was home. He still absolutely adores watching the Price Is Right. I believe he would make a GRRRRReat “Next Contestant” on the show! In fact it is a dream of mine to actually go to L.A. with him someday and partcipate in a taping of the show. I dream  of him being selected as a contestant…oh my how exciting that will be! Dreams do come true…. I am confident we will meet Drew and his Beauties some day, but for now our travels in the Mobile Condo took us to Tennessee last month to spend time with the handsome “Next Contestant” and his beautiful family. L.A. will have to wait for another time.

 We broke all kinds of “rules” when driving to Tennessee. We try very hard to adhere to not driving too long and NEVER driving when it is dark, but the drive was going so well the last 100 miles in the dark of night could not keep us from stopping as we had such a PRIZE at the end of our journey.  

 So we pressed on and causing our Guardian Angel to work over time to ensure we got parked safely. Whew, her wings must have been tired in the morning. Not only was it pitch black out, but road closures and construction in metro Nashville was not something we planned on! Navigating around Nashville in broad daylight is not for the faint of heart…chugging along with the Circus Train after 12 hours behind the wheel, dodging orange cones all the while  “Lola” (aka our GPS) kept getting snippy with us as we were being redirected by detour signs she could not “see”. Lola was exasperated with us and kept trying to get us to go through roads that were closed! I finally had had enough of her bossy tirade and shut her off. Take that Lola!  My Handsome and very tired Chauffer came through AGAIN! We made it to our home for the next month safe and sound!

Technology is our greatest gift living our Nomadic lifestyle especially when it comes to FaceTime. We are able to see our precious Grandson every week, but NOTHING compares to holding, snuggling, kissing and playing with him live and in person! Our hearts were leaping out of our chest as we got closer to his house. We were not disappointed…  

   Our arms and hearts were FULL! 
We had the privilege of staying with him while his parents were working. Such a wonderful gift. He is a busy guy…always moving. Crawling at warp speed and about to walk any day! We took many walks to the park, He helped “Pops” do some baby proofing and loved reading books with “Pops” 

 Our days were full of loving and the time just flew by! Often, while we spent the day with our little man, My Handsome Chauffer and I would share a special glance…tears in our eyes ….we felt as though we were in a time warp! How did 30 years go by so quickly? This little man is a clone of his Daddy at this age. He has his Daddy’s personality, determination, smile and amazing blue eyes. Our hearts are so full! Time does fly! How did this happen? It seems like just yesterday we were playing and snuggling his Daddy. Now we get to see our “baby boy” be a Daddy…it is so surreal! How proud we are of him and the AMAZING man, husband and father he has become! Our cup runneth over! 

We didn’t get to The Price Is Right, but I had one of the best days ever with the Next Contestant. We went on a special date…just the two of us.  

 We spent a gorgeous Tennessee fall day at a local vineyard. We planned our trip “someday”, caught up on our lives without any distractions and made plans to always take time for each other. 

Little did he know…we had a surprise in store for them.  Our Glorious Hitchiker hopped a plane from San Francisco to Nashville! It was so hard to keep her secret, but so worth it to surprise him at work! 

   Now that they are adults and living across country from each other the visits are so precious! My nest was full for the next week. Again the time flew! 
We fit as much humanly possible together that week. It included a trip to downtown Nashville to meet up with some friends who were visiting from Missouri.  

 We were cheering on our beloved KC Royals as they were vying for the American League Championship. The visit was fantastic and the Royals did not disappoint us. 

 Woo Hoo ….on to the World Series they go 

  We have the best good luck charm ….YIPPIE the Royals won the World Series!
The seasons are changing  

 the leaves are changing color in Tennessee and that means we will be heading further south. Before we head south my Handsome Chauffer got a new cool look. He is ready for 80 degree weather and sand between our toes  

  We throughly enjoyed our time with our family in Tennessee. We look forward to being back soon. For now we hold on to our memories of our wonderful visit.  

 So off we go Winging It. We look forward to seeing our friends and creating more memories in Florida and Alabama. You all are invited to “Come on Down’