Technical Difficulties

 Growing up in the 60’sand 70’s to me life was simpler. There was a lot more playing outside than sitting inside watching TV. Don’t get me wrong we did watch TV, but it was only on in the evening and the stations actually signed off at night. Saturday was the only day that cartoons were on and only until 11:00 a.m.! Today a person can be entertained by all sorts of media 24/7!

One of the dreads we experienced while watching TV as a kid were the unfortunate times when something would disrupt the programing…up popped this test pattern and an annoying buzzing sound. Then “Stay tuned we are experiencing technical difficulties”.

So we would sit patiently as directed and prayed that the “difficulties” would go away BEFORE our program was over as we would have to wait an entire week before we could see the progam again.

Lately I have been experiencing my own sort of technical difficulties when it came to updating the blog. As previously stated in my blog I am not a tech savvy kinda gal, but through trial and LOTS of errors I have learned some lessons. Each lesson helps me to have a better grasp on how important it is to save things I write and how quickly things I have worked on writing can be erased by a mere touch of my clumsy thumb.GRrrrrr!!! So folks this episode has been a long time coming due to the technical difficulties!

STORMS storms OH MY!

My handsome Chauffer and I really enjoy meeting people along our journey. One of the first questions we are asked when we meet new  folks is “Where are you from?” Well, that in itself is a question we have trouble answering… You see because we have a domicile residence in Florida which is on our Florida driver’s licenses and Voter’s registration. We have a mailing address of Tennessee, we are currently living in Illinois, BUT  because we lived for 20 years in a house…out of habit we say we are from KANSAS. Welcome to our complicated Nomadic life😊!

Most often the very next comment from folks is  ” TORNADO COUNTRY”! Yes, we calmly say Kansas is considered tornado country … Thank you Wizard of Oz 

 Then we also tell them we lived in Lawrence, KS the home of our beloved Jayhawks! The conversation most often comes right back to TORNADOS!

Well,  I am here to tell you that tornados and severe storms DO NOT happen ONLY in Kansas! We have traveled thousands upon thousands of miles this last year and have hit severe weather AND tornadoes more often than we liked!Yikes … Maybe we are severe storm/tornado magnets!

When we lived in a sticks and bricks home we had basements. We had many a party with our neighbors watching the storms roll in from the west. 

 When the sirens would go off many of us would congregate in the basement while others would watch out the windows as the storms ripped through. I never grew comfortable with this …. I would take cover and plead with my Handsome Chauffer to PLEASE join us downstairs in our safe spot…. He always needed to see the action of our fence being blown apart! One time I specifically remember him yelling “WOW” as he watched white stuff floating in the sky. After the storm we found out that white stuff was actual insulation that was carried across town from an apartment complex that was destroyed by a tornado! That was WAY too close for my comfort. 

When we became Professional Nomads leaving all the “STUFF” that came with owning a house I really missed the safety of having a basement. My Handsome Chauffer reminds me that we in fact do have a “basement” in the Mobile Condo, but it is stuffed to the gills with all of the “stuff” we kept. Plus I am not so certain it us the safest place in a storm!😬 

Enter one of my favorite things …. My IPad and IPhone app that warns us if there are storms in the area. This app has notified us more than once that we were living in an area that a storm is heading. When this goes off we are “suppose” to go to a safe spot which is usually a common bath house. I guess it’s one way to meet the neighbors too😊! Unfortunately, it usually is not what we do. We usually pull in our slides and ride out the storms praying that no tree or hail decides to crash through. So far we have been lucky!

My Handsome Chauffer is a meteorologist wannabe! He keeps his eye on the radar and tells me that we will be fine.  

 In December we were enjoying a bit of a storm and my “meteorologist” assured me we were going to “fine” when all of a sudden   ……..

 Holy Mother of God. ….The Mobile Condo that weighs 45,000 pounds began to rock, the wind knocked over our 900 pound Harley like it was as light as a feather

 My “meteorologist” and I sought shelter in our bed covered up with blankets, pillows and prayed like we never prayed before. As soon as the “Water Spout” (Floridian tornado)passed we climbed out of our protective nest to assess the damage. 

 Wow! It came upon us as fast as it left. Thankfully no damage or anyone hurt! The ground is all sand so in a matter of a little while the water was gone.    

 And the sunset was amazing!

 When you follow 70 degree weather it’s either like spring or fall and storms are just part of our life. I for one probably will not ever get use to it. 

We are now making our home in this Lovely Painted Lady 

 This home was built in 1867 and finished in 1868. I often wonder what stories we would be told if the walls could talk. I bet the stories would be riveting!

Spring has sprung and so has severe weather here in good old Illinois…go figure….I told you we must be storm magnets! Storms came rolling in a few nights ago.The folks in the area didn’t sleep soundly at night because of the wind, thunder and lightening.  My meteorologist and I slept like babies!!! This Grand Old house has most certainly seen many storms since 1868 and she still is standing strong! I don’t even feel the need to go down into the cellar. 

Storms aren’t as big a deal for me here I feel much more at ease in this Grand Old House. It is our “home” for now. We are safe from whatever Mother Nature has in store this Spring. 

The storms have made the grass green, the daffodils peek out of the ground from their winter slumber and the Robins have returned. Signs of Spring are everywhere yet the snow shovel is still handy as Mother Nature has  a way of changing her mind! She too may experience “Technical Difficulties”