It Could Be Worse

It is hard to believe that we began our Nomadic life almost 4 years ago! The adage “Time flies when you’re having FUN” sure resonates in our hearts! We ARE having FUN!  We have also been blessed to share this FUN with friends we consider family who came to join in the merriment and warm not only their bones, but our hearts as well!

As stated in previous posts we were born and raised in the Midwest, raised our family there and retired from a couple of careers. When my Handsome Chauffeur and I dreamt about where we would make our “home” when we had a choice we both agreed it probably would NOT be the Midwest. Don’t get me wrong, the Midwest was a great place to grow up and raise our family. Our kids moved on first, each making their way in opposite directions of the USA. We had not seen enough of this glorious country to decide where we should make our home when we grew up! Until we “Grow Up” we will traipse across the country to see all that we can see THEN make the “Grown up” decision where “home” will be. Until said time……

We have traveled from the northwest corner to the southeast crisscrossing the Midwest several times chasing the 70-80 degree weather. Avoiding snow and freezing temperatures at all costs with, the exception of Christmas in Tennessee with our kids.

Our stays at various areas are as quick as an over night in a Walmart parking lot in route to our new destination,  to a few weeks at another location depending on what we want to see on our journey. Most of our travels are during the months of April- October as the weather to the north is most cooperative for us during these months.

This past October we made our way to the south with our new flock of friends…..Snowbirds! Yep, we are card carrying members of this wonderful group of folks and love it! Who needs to shovel snow when there are golf courses inviting us to play, bicycles to ride and cards to play? 

We moved to Tampa, Florida to avoid the cold. We will have enjoyed a 5 1/2 month stay once we hit the road in April. This is the LONGEST we have ever stayed in one place living in the Mobile Condo. It has been such a comfort zone for us in many ways. We have made  more friends who have become family. We have learned so much from each other too by sharing our experiences ….be it places to visit, apps for our phones to help our travels or just doing life together. We have a real sense of community.

The end of our stay here is upon us. Conversations have begun about where we will be traveling this next season. We learned by trial and error that because of the size of our home it is better to have a plan in place with reservations.  CrAzY  I know especially if our motto is “We Be WINGING it”, but we learned that we are NOT the only folks doing their best to see the USA in the summer, especially in the northern areas of this vast country! 

The planning can be arduous. We set a course direction and places that are on our bucket list. Next we Man the phones calling and making reservations. This may sound like an easy task, but it’s NOT. All the campgrounds have different protocols on how far in advance of your stay that you can reserve a spot, how long you can stay and different block out days around holidays. YIKES.

We put together a calendar much like my Handsome Chauffeur used in his previous corporate life to help organize our plan. Multiple colors are used to block dates out for secured reservations. We use google maps to determine how many miles we will be driving to relocate. This figure also helps us calculate how many days it will take us to get there. Sounds like a lot of work to live the dream Eh? With our calendar filled by a rainbow of colors our journey is set! 

We will be making our way north up the east coast from Florida to Maine. Stopping along they way to visit friends and see sights we have only heard about. Once we see a bit of Maine our desire is to head west to Niagra Falls and then to Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which we have visited at least 3 times, but NEVER gets old! Finally we will head south again. Some places we will stay a few days others will be as long as s month. I have been researching things to see and do. Hopefully we will entertain guests who will want to visit us in some of our temporary homesteads to enjoy the sights as well!

As we prepare to hit the road the Mobile Condo will be outfitted with new”shoes” (also known as tires). Not a small or inexpensive venture either unless my Handsome Chauffeur and his bargaining skills are at work! We were blessed to find out that our tires are covered under warranty and will not cost the going price of $650ish PER tire! We have EIGHT tires on the Mobile Condo.  They will be F R E E!!  Yippee!!! The only problem is they are on back order and HAVE been for the past MONTH!!! All the painstaking travel plans and reservations that we have secured may be put into a “Holding Pattern”. My persistent Handsome Chauffeur is manning the phones checking on when we can expect delivery. Unfortunately, he is not getting the same answers from different parties involved! Frustration levels are creeping up as we look at our rainbow colored carefully planned out trip calendar!  Everyday we wait for “the” call to say the “shoes” have arrived. It truly is out of our control and comfort zone depending on others, but it is what it is! So we WAIT!

Daily we see our Snow Bird friends leave our winter nest here in Tampa. We are one of the few left waiting to fly north. As we wait for the “shoes” we will enjoy a few more days fishing, golfing, going to festivalsand enjoying ourselves. It could  be a lot worse right?! 😜😊🏝☀️🌈