It’s Not Everyday….

We left our winter nest of MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL. after spending a wonderful WARM winter. There are so many memories and friendships that we developed over the 6 months we were there. It really felt like leaving “home” again. As we said “see you next year” to our friends, promising to stay in touch on the road; we look forward to returning to our winter nest and share the adventures we all had in the season of travel.

Before we hit the road the Mobile Condo got her new “shoes”! Thank you Michelin for honoring our warranty in full and Jeb( the manager and a fellow Veteran) at TCI who went to bat for us with Michelin corporate! It only took 2 hours to have all 8 replaced and balanced. We noticed right away how the ride was much smoother! No rattling of things in our cupboards. Our radio volume was not up as high as it normally is to drown out the competing road and clanking that we had previously experienced. We were excited to get the big wheels rolling east.

As we were leaving Command Central Macdill AFB we skirted the flight line one last time. On the run way was one of the Presidential Plane surrounded by security. It’s not everyday we see the President’s plane…but… this also wasn’t the first time a  President was at Command Central while we called it home. President Obama was there in October on his farewell tour to the troops, President Trump came shortly after being elected to be briefed and encourage the troops, and President George W. Bush came to promote his new book. Each of these visits were announced to the public and covered by news agencies. What made us raise an eyebrow when we saw this plane was that there wasn’t ANY publicity and it was 3 days after the USA bombed Syria. Not knowing for certain that the plane had the President on it…we were certain someone in his cabinet was there. We often wondered what was happening behind the closed doors of Com Central as we would bicycle past on our rides during our stay, but today as we drove our home off this base we said an extra prayer for wisdom to those that are protecting our nation and keeping world peace.

The ride to our next spot was without any challenges. A short 4 hour trip. We arrived at Mayport NS … home for only 4 nights. We tried relentlessly to secure more than 4 nights. Once we arrived we realized WHY it is so popular. As we settled in, our view of the St. John’s river out our front window was BEAUTIFUL.We were at the mouth of the St John’s river right before it opens to the Atlantic Ocean. My Handsome Chauffeur was in heaven as it has been a long time since he was able to fish out his front doorPods of Dolphins were keeping him company while trying to out fish him! Alas, he was unable to catch a Big Blue Fish that were swimming in the area, but he got a hit that left teeth marks in his prized lure! 

Right out of our “picture window” (also known as our windshield) we saw that the St John’s river was a major through fare for many ships of all shaped and sizeIt certainly isn’t every day we get to see this! The sight gave me goose bumps.. especially seeing the brave sailors leaving. The price of freedom we take for granted as they leave their families behind to protect us!

We had the privilege to get some visitors while we had our short stay at Mayport. Our friends/neighbors we met at MacDill stopped by to say hello as they were staying relatively close by at another campground. It was so nice to see familiar smiles! 

That very same day we received a visit from a dear friend of ours that we met while stationed at Whiteman AFB, MO 36 years ago. It had been at least 25 years since we were able to visit in person. All those years seemed to melt away as we caught up with each other’s lives. We giggled and shed many a tear as we shared the paths we each have been down since our last visit. Time may have gone on, but our time together was just like old times! It’s not everyday we get to see old  friends!One thing I “get” to do everyday in the Mobile Condo is LAUNDRY🙃. Our home on wheels is outfitted with its very own washer/dryer combo Yep, that’s right … it washes and dries all in one! I was really impressed when we got our new home. Little did I know at the time a “large load” can only consist on 2 bath towels and a few wash cloths etc…. Gone are the days of the heavy duty washer loads of 4 pair of jeans and 8 shirts per load! Not only does it take a fraction of the amount I use to be able to load into a machine, it takes about 90 minutes to do a load…hence that is why I have to do laundry if not once a day at least every other just to keep the mound of clothes smaller than the size of Mount Ranier! 

At our Seaside new location, not only do they have one of the cleanest laundry rooms, BUT  all are F R E E of charge!!! Woo Hoo the Domestic Goddess within me was doing a BIG ‘OLE HAPPY DANCE!! I laid claim to a few HEAVY DUTY ( aka DEEP) washers and did 4 loads! Washed, dried and put away in the time it usually takes to do a “regular” dinky load in the Mobile Condo! Oh heavenly days…. it doesn’t get much better than this! I felt like I won the “Laundry Lotto” It’s not every day the Domestic Goddess of the Mobile Condo has an empty laundry basket! Its little things that bring me joy😊! With the chains unshackled to my laundry machine it gave me plenty of time to do more things that keep this Domestic Goddess smiling! You know what they say.. “a happy wife means a HAPPIER life”!

Our time at Mayport N.S. has come to an end. We are moving further up the coast. We took a stroll down the beach where the sand texture and shells were completely different from the Gulf of Mexico we became accustomed to seeing. The Atlantic coast is beautiful in a completely different and unique way!

As say so long to Mayport NS and waved to the U.S.S. Iwo Jima one last timeWe will remember our short and wonderful stay fondly and vowed to return again SOME day!