Glamping in Maine

We set our sights on Maine long ago. We heard so many wonderful things about the state…its natural beauty and of course LOBSTERS. We were excited to see it for ourselves.

The morning leaving Boston area was gloomy and raining….not the most perfect traveling weather for a Circus Train, but we  can’t control Mother Nature OR Boston traffic…. YIKES!

As I have said plenty of times in previous posts I am Nervous Navigator. I have gotten better, but there are situations I get overwhelmed with fear and control issues. My Handsome (and oh so calm) Chauffeur does  his best at trying to keep me calm. I can’t help myself…I gasp loudly when folks are cutting us off in traffic, I try to stifle screams as people try to merge into our lane! My reactions don’t help my Chauffeur in the least. One of the things I do to try to remain calm is crochet. It distracts me from watching the road. The more nervous I am the faster I crochet. So this morning of travel I got my hook a flying and started a scarf. The project works well as not only does it distract me from the traffic, but it serves to cover my eyes and makes a perfect mouth gag to prevent my screams from distracting my Handsome Chauffeur Once we got away from the metropolitan areas traffic wasn’t a problem I began to relax. Our journey for the day was only 196 miles which took us 6 hours! We took US Highway 1 that meanders through quaint little towns and villages. The further north we got we saw road side stands offering Lobsters at 5.99/lb and wild blueberries! Heaven… we were in heaven!

We arrived safely at Camden State Park. To say we stuck out like a sore thumb is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Here many folks are tent campers, smaller travel trailers NOT a 42 foot Mobile Condo. The majority of the people in the park are on a vacation. We too are on a vacation…we just happen to bring our home with us.

Thankfully we made reservations well in advance to secure a sight that could accommodate us. Instead of being nestled amongst the Balsa Fir and Birch trees we were in a wide open field. We got to enjoy the beautiful scents of the woods without the nuisance of sap dripping on our Mobile Condo or Pine Needles covering our roof which makes for a HAPPY Handsome Chauffeur… which in turn makes me happy too! Back four years ago we dreamt about traveling and staying amongst the trees, but that dream proved to be a nightmare when our Mobile Condo got covered with sap and such, so now we try to avoid such situations at all cost…. we Glamp not Camp.

Glamping in our Mobile Condo has other things to consider while staying in a State Park. Most of the parks have electric on site which is GREAT. Some have water on site, but there are those that we have to fill up our fresh water tank (which holds 100 gallons) and use our water pump to access water. Then there is the issue of not having sewer hook ups on site. If the tanks get filled we need to pack up our entire Mobile Condo to drive to the dump station within the park to empty our tanks. This can be done, but we try at all costs to stay put at our site until we are leaving for good! Our site in Maine has water and electric …. no sewer. We have grown accustom to having full hooks over the years and this wee adjustment of not having a sewer connection at our site would keep us very cognizant of our water usage both grey and black! So we joined all of the other campers by using the shower house instead of our own. We are getting our exercise walking to the restroom multiple times a day and perhaps using a laundry mat instead of our own washer and dryer! We are Glamping!

What the State Park lacks in the “creature” comforts we have grown accustom to (electric, water AND sewer on site) it surpasses all with the beautiful night sky filled with stars, fire rings to enjoy a campfire and vistas from top of Mount Battie!We were overlooking Penobscot Bay name after the American Native indigenous to the area. It is Maine’s largest Bay spanning 30 miles long and 30 miles deep and contains hundreds of Islands. It has an amazing look out we were able to climb and see forever!We visited with some locals and asked where they recommended we get our first taste of Fresh Maine Lobster. We were directed away from the little town near our state park dotted with quaint Bed and Breakfasts, restaurants and boutiques. The drive was a short one. We came upon a Lobster Pound which was a new terminology for us. On our travels we saw signs advertising Lobster pounds and now here we were.

According to Google:

The first time the term “lobster pound” was used was on Vinalhaven Island, Maine in 1875 to describe a method of storing live lobster by running fresh seawater through their storage containers. It would only be a matter of time before the enterprising lobster pound owners would add outdoor kettles of seawater heated over wood fires to boil their lobsters to serve to tourists.

Lobsters Pounds are all about the lobster and the view. We were told there is no better Lobster than one right out of the ocean. We entered the Lobster Pound recommended and just stared at the menu…who knew there were so many choices?? Being from the Midwest we were quite familiar with meat cuts and ways that it could be served, but we needed help deciding what order. Offerings of soft shell vs. hard shell Lobster, How many pounds we wanted, did we want a Lobster Roll??? Yikes! The gal at the counter gave us a QUICK tutorial. We finally placed our order and took our adult beverages outdoors to enjoy the spectacular view. We made new friends while we waited for our dinner who told us the boat in the Bay was the one that brought the lobsters in daily….talk about FRESH! Lobster traps ready for the next days haul.My Handsome Chauffeur inspecting the Lobster Pound.

Our beautiful dinner arrived. Our mouths were watering! Yummo!!!We had waited and dreamt about this moment all along our journey. After admiring its beauty we crack the shell AND…..Instantly LOST our appetites!! The green frothy GOO that spilled out made us instantly disgusted! We looked at each other and got hysterical with laughter. If there had been a video taken while we cracked it open we would certainly have entered and won Funniest Home Videos!! We began to pick around the goo. The tail and claw meat was DELICIOUS we avoided at ALL costs the frothy mess which we later found out to be an EXPLODED liver and pancreas which is considered a delicacy according to our helpful server! Well, that was the END of me EVER ordering a whole steamed lobster for the rest of my life!

Up early the next morning we headed towards Acadia National Park. It was a spectacular drive. Thankfully we chose a week day to explorer Bar Harbor and Acadia. The traffic was heavy, but nothing like reported on the weekend! We were told that the sunrises and sunsets at the summit of Cadillac Mountain are spectacular. We chose to avoid the crowds and traffic jams and go mid day. Even at mid day the park was full!The summit was WINDY! We didn’t miss the  sunrise or sunset as the day was overcast and cold! We made plans to go to the top of Mount Battie where we were camping to see the sunrise the next day.

Our stay in Maine was coming to a close. After the long drive back to our Campground we decided to stop once more for Lobster dinner…. at least I had lobster… my Handsome Chauffeur was not interested after his first experience🤣! This time I was smart and ordered it as a Lobster Roll sans the bread! I was more than happy to have someone else pick the meat and present it to me without the GREEN GOO! It was delicious!

We closed out our day of exploration with a warm campfire and making plans to set our alarm (something we try NOT to do as we are retired) to catch the sunrise on Mount Battie. Then our phone rang.. it was our son telling us that he was taking our daughter in law to the hospital as she was having some pain and bleeding. She was 33 weeks pregnant with our second grandchild. In a matter of seconds our course and plans were changing!

After plenty of texts we were told we were going to be welcoming our newest member to the family 7 weeks early! Prayers were being sent constantly for a safe delivery and healthy baby! Then at 11:13 pm on July 27 we welcomed our BEAUTIFUL itty bitty Granddaughter to the world! Mommy was healthy. Baby was in NICU. Older brother was staying with friends…our son asked how soon we could be in Tennessee to help.Needless to say…we did not see the sunrise on Mount Battie. I think I finally fell asleep after the huge adrenaline rush right before sunrise. Plans were set into motion to leave Maine headed to Tennessee.

I manned the phones cancelling reservations we painstakingly made early in the year. We know from past experiences that WE can do all the planning we want to, YET God has different plans in store for us …and the birth of our precious granddaughter was one of the BEST plans God had in store for us.

Three days of driving, three different Walmart Parking lots to call home for the night. We arrived safely in Tennessee. Our hearts were bursting when we met our little blessing. Her brother seemed to have grown by leaps and boundsWe are so thankful for our Nomadic lifestyle. We get to see so many places, meet fabulous people and we NEVER take it for granted. Vermont, New York and Ohio will have to wait… for now our hearts have been Glamping in Tennessee and couldn’t be happier!


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Professional Nomads touring this beautiful country of ours one state at a time. Enjoying the journey without a plan because We Be Winging It

2 thoughts on “Glamping in Maine”

  1. Hi and Congrats to all, thank god all turned out well, what a beautiful baby girl and handsome big brother. May she bring much JOY!
    Glad you had a chance to see Maine and the surroundings.
    Much Love to all, Stephanie


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