Our LONG Winter’s rest

Well HELLLLOOOO THERE! Long time no Blog from your friendly Professional Nomads! While I have been thinking about checking in every so often I would think to myself ” nothing really to report” yet as I read my last post and glanced over my photos that I have taken since September I guess lots of life has happened so here is an update of this life of ours!

After dashing from Maine to Tennessee to meet our beautiful granddaughter we have been pretty stationary. We spent August and September in Tennessee. The unexpected arrival of our little blessing caught us all by surprise. Her parents were in the midst of some home improvement projects. So my Handsome Chauffeur donned his construction hat and I with a paint brush in hand helped finish up the list of projects that needed to completion. We enjoy these projects as it gives us something to do. Sure, we have projects to keep up with on our Mobile Condo, but they rarely require a saw, hammer or paint brush! For the most part the projects were taken care of allowing our son to continue to work at his new job and our daughter in law to spend her days with our little blessing in the NICU. It certainly wasn’t all work and no play as we did spend lots of quality time with our Grandson who instantly became a big brother. We were in heaven!

Soon our little girl came home after only ten days in NICU. Prayers were answered and we were thrilled to be there to help all of them settle into being a family of four. Our little buddy fell right into his role as big brother without missing a beat! He loves his “baby Dylann”Soon it was time to load up the Mobile Condo and start heading south, but not before we got to fulfill one of our dreams… we were thrilled to take our little buddy on a camping adventure. He was SO excited to go with us in our “B I G Camper Bus.” Our adventure took us just an hour or so away from his home. This was the first time he would be away from both of his parents for a week so we decided to stay relatively close as an insurance policy if he got homesick or his Mimi & Pops ran out of energy😉.We all had the time of our lives! He fished with his Popsswam in the lake saw B I G airplanesWe spent a day at an aquarium played in the Parkwatched movies and had a popcorn partyand to end the week we visited a hands on science centerAll three of us had the time of our lives. He never complained or got homesick and very soon it was time for us to give him back to his parents. We made amazing memories and look forward to more adventures in the future.

As fun as it was to have a 2 1/2 year old with us for a week we were ready to be back to our “normal” Nomadic life. Next stop would be Tampa, Florida our home for the winter.

We were watching the weather closely as it was October and hurricane season in Florida. Tampa was scheduled to be hit. Good ‘Ol Mother Nature spared Tampa as predicted, but did cause quite a bit of damage due to wind. There were plenty of fellow Snow Birds that were not so lucky as there were many destinations that were hit by storms and camp grounds were closed. Some of displaced Snowbirds had to scramble to make other accommodations. The military campgrounds work on first come first serve basis so we were felt the need to get down to Tampa to secure our spot all the while watching storms head north into our travel route. My Handsome Chauffeur is also a novice weatherman. He keeps a weather app on his phone and maps out our travel according to conditions. With information in hand he determined that we needed to leave Tennessee NOW as to get ahead of the torrential rains training up our way. We worked as a well oiled machine packing up and loading in record time. Our travels went as planned. We avoided any terrible weather. My Weatherman’s next plan of action was to locate a place to call home for the night and that would have satellite signal to watch his beloved Kansas City Chiefs game! Another app on his phone guided him to find the satellite in parking lotwe were in for the night!

Up early for our last leg to Tampa. We made it through the much dreaded Atlanta area without a hitch! Score one for the Circus Train😎! As we traveled further south the sky began to darken the wind picked up like CrAzY. Our VERY HIGH PROFILE vehicle was being tossed two and fro. My Handsome Chauffeur’s knuckles had turned white as snow and his Nervous Navigator was beyond anxious and had resorted to the fetal position when all of a sudden appeared a Camping World store! Thank goodness! To make this even better we had a coupon that we needed to use! Not only were we no longer driving through torrential rain… we were going to get a deal as we waited out this band of terrible travel weather! Anyone who knows my Handsome Chauffeur knows he loves a DEAL! I had a VERY HAPPY CHAUFFEUR!

An hour passed as we perused the aisles of Camping World along with other travelers waiting out the storm. Soon it was all clear in the sky. We gathered our newly purchased grill ( such a deal 😜) to added to the other three we currently own and began the rest of our journey south.

As I have previously mentioned we try very hard not to drive when it is dark. We try the best we can to adhere to stopping by four o’clock or dusk whatever comes first. The storm/shopping trip put us behind schedule and it was beginning to get dark FAST! The beauty of returning to Tampa again was the roads were familiar. We didn’t have to rely on GPS. The night travel was easier as we knew the landscape. The skyline and bay as our guide we made it “home” without a hitch.

Ahhhhh it was a great feeling to be surrounded by all things and friends that we are familiar with after spending spring and summer exploring new places. This is a time for us to relax and take care of maintenance issues on our Mobile Condo. We truly enjoy our time on the road exploring this great country of ours, but it is equally as nice to be stationary. We felt like we were “home”.

Many of our neighbors and friends have been making MacDill AFB home for years. This being our second time making it our rest stop for 5 months felt great. It was great to see familiar faces and meet new o es as well.

Right off the bat our projects got started. First was the washer/dryer. this little beauty is tucked in tighter than a drum in a closet of our bedroom. Macguyver at the ready using an end table from the living room and a throw rug from the kitchen extracted the beast out of its “home” without damage to our floor or his back! In his element trouble shooting why the washer would randomly fill with water when not being used. Using our dining table as his work benchhe discovered the what the problem was and fixed it. We were back in business.. no more leaks!

To say we rest while being in Florida is not quite accurate. Sure, we puhtz around tinkering and tweaking things on the Mobile Condo. Give her a much needed wash and hand wax, rearrange storage etc… but we ALWAYS make time for bicycle riding, exercise class, golfing, Harley riding and just plain relaxing in the sun. We even gave our luck a try with BINGO

We also made a road trip to Alabama to spend the Christmas holiday with family Our kids and grandkids came to Alabama too! What a treat it was to have 4 generations together Our Little Granddaughter was growing by leaps and boundsand so BEAUTIFUL if I do say so😉💗

We enjoyed visits from friends we haven’t seen in many years. We also got to have our daughter visit us for a weekher Dad took her for a spin to see the bay.

As our time approaches to leave Florida we are plotting our course of adventure for this Spring and Summer with recommendations from some fellow Nomads. Our maps are spread out, all the while manning our phones to set reservations. There won’t be any moss growing on the Mobile Condo as we will be moving and grooving. We hope to see some of you along our journey! Our travels are taking us as far west to Arizona, then north through Colorado, Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and back to Florida for another long winters rest!

We love our Nomadic life and do not take one day of it for granted. Thank you for coming along with us via this Blog. Who knows maybe you too will join us as We Be Winging It across this beautiful U.S. of A.🇺🇸