Back In The Saddle

Returning to our winter home in Florida was a breathe of fresh air. As much as we love our travel season we were equally excited to be stationary for roughly 6 months.

Before we headed south to Tampa we spent a wonderful week in the panhandle of Florida. We had wintered there for two winters and made amazing memories and friends. Sitting besides the Bay each evening was refreshing. Too soon Hurricane Michael decided that He also wanted to come to the panhandle of Florida which was NOT part of anyone’s plan.

The beauty of living in a Mobile Condo is having wheels to get us out of the way of Michael. We quickly made an exit plan with the help of our weather radar. We headed further inland to try to avoid Michael’s fury. We were successful to avoid the wrath of Micheal but not the wind and rain that He produced. We watched and prayed for all those in the path of his destruction. He made landfall in areas where we have spent time Tyndall AFB and Mexico Beach, FL were destroyed. Such heart ache.

We arrived to MacDill AFB for our Winters restIt was wonderful to see familiar faces of friends and neighbors we have had in the past winter seasons. We were “home” and it felt GREAT! Soon we were hitting the links We kept busy golfing, riding our bicycles and actually did some traveling via truck, hopping a few plane rides and on our Harley.

Our first adventure was to Tucson, AZ to celebrate an 80th birthday and wedding. It was fabulous being with our extended family in the breathtaking surroundings of a working horse ranch making memories!Christmas took us to Orange Beach, AL. to spend with our parents. We are HUGE Kansas City Chief football fans and our season was going pretty well. What fun was it to watch them play with our parents who are SUPER FANSWe have chosen to be Snow Birds.. snow is not part of our plan, but when the opportunity to fly to Kansas in January to see our kids new home we jumped on it. We dug through the recesses of our Mobile Condo to find coats, hats, gloves and squeezed our feet into socks and shoes. Kansas City here we come!It was also weird to pack a suitcase. Living in the Mobile Condo we very seldom have to pack a bag as we bring all our worldly possessions with us at all times in the Mobile Condo. Then fitting winter stuff into a carry on case was a challenge we met with ease😉🥴

Although it was bitter cold and our blood has thinned;our hearts were warmed with the hugs of our kids and grand babies. Our Grandson was especially thrilled to have snow while we were visiting. He built an amazing Snowman with his Mommy. My Handsome Chauffeur and I cheered them on from inside where we were bundled up in layers of clothing trying to stay warm. Our blood had CERTAINLY thinned and we were freezing! No snowman building for us… we prefer Sandman!

We returned to Florida with a tons of memories made. It took just a few days for us to completely thaw out.

It has been years since we took a long ride on our Harley. Since becoming Professional Nomads we use our Harley to take day rides to explorer our surroundings once we park the Mobile a Condo. We decided to take a LONG ride to Key West from Tampa. We loaded up the saddle bags and headed south!The sunshine and sand between our toes was amazing! Riding over 400 miles on the bike we were ready to walk around exploring. We walked around Key West several times over the 5 days we were there and had HUGE blisters on our feet to prove it!

We heard great music, danced to our hearts content ,enjoyed amazing food and libations! It felt GREAT to be on a vacation! Away from our home, eating out and relaxing! Too soon we hopped back on the bike and headed north back home. Our feet were happy to not be walking, but other parts of our body were not so happy to be back in the saddle for 400 miles😉. The weather cooperated and soon we were back riding along Alligator Alley counting them as we zoomed past them. Wow, the road is named correctly. We saw MANY Gators lounging in the sun along the canal and equally as many beady eyes peering out of the water.

We had just a few weeks left in Florida. In January we started planning our Spring/Summer travel plans. We made the decision of our direction with the help of family visits, graduation ceremony, a wedding and places in this great country of ours we have yet to have explored. Our travels this year will take us as far west as Montana then heading east across the northern part of America hopefully chasing 70 and 80 degree temperatures. Then heading south again to our winter home.Phew… looking at the ENTIRE route mapped out on an atlas I am both so excited to see the sights AND tired! I have not totaled all the mileage but from the route perspective there will be A LOT of windshield time. The beauty of the country and the amazing adventures we will enjoy will taking the “sting” out of our fuel purchases.

So here we go Back in the Saddle … on the road again… living life and putting joy into our journey!