Get Ready… get set.. GO!!

As our time drew near to leave our winter nest we not only started making reservations and travel plans, but the daunting task of cleaning things up and storing them away was upon us. Sitting dormant for months you would be surprised how spread out we got. We have our outdoor living area, screen tent, yard art, ladder, multiple grills etc… etc… that all at one time had a space in the “basement” of our Mobile Condo. It was now our task of remembering how we had things packed long ago when we were moving every few weeks. Thank goodness my Handsome Chauffeur is also the “King of Tetris”! Seriously, the man can look at a space that I would try to fit one measly thing into and fit 4 to 5 things in the same allotted space! He continues to astound me!

Thankfully, we started the process about a week before our departure working a wee bit at a time. Cleaning sand off of everything was hard enough, but this winter for some reason the campsite was inundated with these itty bitty snails! They were EVERYWHERE!! Persistent little buggars as well. Every day I would sweep them off the screen tent. I can only imagine the effort it took for them to crawl at their pace up the walls of the tent to only get swept off in the morning by a silly human to start their journey AGAIN! As persistent they were they were sneaky too! I would find them hiding in the most unusual spots. As I picked up chairs to fold away I would hear what sounded like a Maraca as hundreds of snail shells fell to the ground! My work was cut out for me as I made sure not to have any stowaway snails or red ants brought on our westward journey! As I cleaned, My King of Tetris stowed. It took us a week, but we “Got ‘Er Done”… we were ready to set on our 2018 adventure!

The date of departure was upon us. All packed, reservations in place, journey mapped out. The only thing that wasn’t cooperating was good Old Mother Nature! You see she decided to be a “bit blustery” with 30-35 mph wind gusts from the west which made our north, northwest travel a bit of a challenge. The Mobile Condo is a VERY HIGH profile vehicle and wind coming at its side didn’t make my Handsome Chauffeur’s job the least bit easy! There were times that I swear we were going to blow right off the interstate! I was absolutely no help to my Handsome Chauffeur as I had resorted to the fetal position and about started sucking my thumb!!! We of course were not alone fighting the hellacious wind… we were one of MANY Snowbirds heading north. All of us bobbing and weaving with the gusts. I just kept praying that all the drivers of the other vehicles were as well equipped for the conditions as my calm cool and collected Chauffeur or there was going to be a big mess somewhere along the route.

After traveling what seemed like thousands of miles north, our route turned us west which helped. We left our “flock” of north bound travelers. NOW we had straight headwinds …our gas mileage was probably 3mpg! At least we were no longer getting tossed around from side to side. Our GPS took us off the interstate and on county roads that proved to be a hundred times better as there was far less traffic. After an 8 hour journey that seemed to take 8 days we were in our temporary home of Panama City, FL. for the next 3 days to much needed rest and a few unexpected “projects”.

When traveling we have a sliding platform that comes over the stairs to create a flat surface for the passenger (Moi) to rest their feet. Welllll …..our step platform decided that it was more comfortable in the retracted position leaving this Nervous Navigator’s feet to dangle. I may be showing my age, but back in the 60’s or 70’s there was a show we watched called Laugh In. Lily Tomlin would do a character Edith Ann in a big rocking chair with her feet dangling… you get the picture right? Yep, I was the 21st century Edith Ann in the Navigator seat feet dangling due the a silly step cover not working… it was going to be a Looooong ride with all the blood pooled into my dangling feet until I remembered that my way cool Navigator seat also was a recliner! Yippie Skippie my feet were saved!

Bright and early after a much needed rest My Handsome Chauffeur came to my rescue donning his MacGuyver hat he YANKED on the step an WAHLAH it came out!but the motor wasn’t connected any longer….Oops! Now with the step out it was a long JUMP in order to get out of the Mobile Condo! MacGuyver was able to connect the motor to the step again .. of course! He needed a device to aid in clean up of his repair.He asked his trusty assistant (Moi) to get him thiswith instructions to wrap with a rag and attach with a ponytail holderWith his project cleaned up by his MacGuyver certified “tool” it was time to try the step. BINGO… step retracted and went into position just like new!he NEVER ceases to amaze me!

Panama City Florida is a Spring Break destination for many College coeds. This year I hope the packed their parkas along with their bikinis as it was COLD!! We were not use to this… our blood must have thinned staying in Tampa! Our feet that were use to wearing sandals were now encased with SOCKS AND SHOES! Maybe we left Tampa too soon??? The morning we were scheduled to leave Panama City our Mobile Condo was also not pleased with the cold temperatures. Our brakes need air pressure to build up in order to work and due to the cold crisp temperatures that morning they were not pleased Our neighbors were most likely less than pleased to be awoken by the sound of a huge diesel engine idling at high rpms as we watched and prayed that our gages would go up. At last the air brakes were pressurized and we were heading further west. Next stop New Orleans, Louisiana!

Our travel weather was PERFECT as we motored across the panhandle of Florida, Mississippi and finally Louisiana. As we neared the city of New Orleans the roadways resembled a plate of pasta! Roadway, ramps and bridges all jumbled up to this Navigator’s eye, but our trusty GPS was guiding our way. Traffic was heavy! Finally we were directed to get off the Interstate… Whew! We were traveling through Parishes in search of our next home Arbor Aviation NAS. Unfortunately, our GPS guided us on a route that had signs stating “No Truck Zone”! We prayed that there were no low hanging wires or branches all the while justifying that we were “not” a truck! We made it through the neighborhoods waving to surprised motorists with their mouths a gapped as they came upon us. With only 5 miles left until we reached the base we saw a tunnel approaching on our route that was going UNDER the Intercoastal water way! Not only was it UNDER water the clearance sign read 13′ 7″!!! Our Circus Train Measures 13′ 6″!!! As we approached the tunnel we saw markings on the cement left by previous HIGH profile vehicles! There was NO TURNING AROUND! We collectively held our breathe and entered the tunnel. My Handsome Chauffeur, taking up both lanes of traffic as to center in the “highest” part of the tunnel. You could hear a pin drop as we crept through all the while waiting to hear the dreaded noise of one or ALL 3 air conditioners being removed as we scrapped through the tunnel. Much to our surprise we made it through without disaster! This episode reminded us of our trip to the east coast last summer. How soon we forgot the lessons learned about trusting “Lola” aka Google maps! We vowed to no longer trust Google maps as our GPS and will now ALWAYS use a Truckers app to ensure our route will not include neighborhoods or low bridges!

Up early the next day we made our way to downtown New Orleans! Thanks to advice from a dear friend we had a game plan in place to see this amazing historical city. The weather looked like we were going to see lots of rain. Our weather app cautioned us of flood warnings as the Mississippi River was at 16’4″ and flood stage is 17′. Ever the optimists and only having a day to tour we grabbed our umbrella and walking shoes and headed to the ferry boat to take us across the Mississippi into New Orleans!

We hopped a trolley car and toured the Garden District. The homes were beautiful as were the campuses of Loyola and Tulane. Stunning show of pink Azelea bushes every where! Spring was in the air. Some of the trees and bushes donned Mardi Gras beadsThe City seems to always be in party mode. We happened to be there St. Patrick’s Day weekend. The closer we got to Bourbon Street the more people were dressed in green. The party had started! As we made our way through the sea of green clad party people we saw street musicians, drum team of little boys and heard every genre of music coming out of the many drinking establishments. It was hard to decide where to stop. We knew one thing we were starved and in need of an adult beverage.

I had visited New Orleans MANY moons ago and had fond memories of Pat O’Brien’s. What better place to kick off St Patty’s day? Off we went in search of a world famous Hurricane…. and they certainly didn’t disappoint!Now that our whistles were wet our appetite for some good old Creole food was in order!With our tummy’s full and our feet ready to call it a day we made our way back to our ferry. It was a fun day and we made tons of memories. Good night New OrleansOur visit to Louisiana was coming to an end. Our last day there we felt the need to get our bellies full of Cajun one more time! We noticed a few restaurants near by that were PACKED so of course they had to have great food! Everywhere was touting Crawdads… so we too needed to see what the draw was!As we entered the establishment with our bellies growling we saw a HUGE all you can eat buffet. Shrimp, Gator, Soft shell crabs,Boudin, Gumbo, Jambalaya etc..Everywhere we looked people had platter size plates heaping with Crawdads aka “Mud Bugs 😳

After our trip to Maine and the “Lobster incident” we decided we better ask a few more questions before ordering. These Crawdads looked like a miniature version of the whole Maine Lobster we had tried to eat Our server was the sweetest gal and was more than happy to explain the intricacies of eating Crawdads to us. She could tell by the look on our faces and our KU collegiate wear that we most definitely we NOT local. She grabbed a Crawdad and proceeded to break off its head, SUCKED out the innards, before breaking apart its itty bitty tail to get what appeared to be a piece of meat the size of a Grub Worm and said, “That’s how you do it…they are soooo delicious!” Needless to say I DID NOT want ANY part of sucking out the innards of a Crawdad! The memory of the green goo/exploded pancreas of our Maine Lobster is still burned into my brain! We both politely declined the Crawfish feast and ordered shrimp and oysters FRIED and PEELED! No steamed anything for us! We left with a full belly of delicious Cajun food and an education for a lifetime!

The first leg of our 2018 adventure is in the books. We are ready to travel further west. We have set our sight towards the “Great State of Texas”. Here we GO❤️


Our LONG Winter’s rest

Well HELLLLOOOO THERE! Long time no Blog from your friendly Professional Nomads! While I have been thinking about checking in every so often I would think to myself ” nothing really to report” yet as I read my last post and glanced over my photos that I have taken since September I guess lots of life has happened so here is an update of this life of ours!

After dashing from Maine to Tennessee to meet our beautiful granddaughter we have been pretty stationary. We spent August and September in Tennessee. The unexpected arrival of our little blessing caught us all by surprise. Her parents were in the midst of some home improvement projects. So my Handsome Chauffeur donned his construction hat and I with a paint brush in hand helped finish up the list of projects that needed to completion. We enjoy these projects as it gives us something to do. Sure, we have projects to keep up with on our Mobile Condo, but they rarely require a saw, hammer or paint brush! For the most part the projects were taken care of allowing our son to continue to work at his new job and our daughter in law to spend her days with our little blessing in the NICU. It certainly wasn’t all work and no play as we did spend lots of quality time with our Grandson who instantly became a big brother. We were in heaven!

Soon our little girl came home after only ten days in NICU. Prayers were answered and we were thrilled to be there to help all of them settle into being a family of four. Our little buddy fell right into his role as big brother without missing a beat! He loves his “baby Dylann”Soon it was time to load up the Mobile Condo and start heading south, but not before we got to fulfill one of our dreams… we were thrilled to take our little buddy on a camping adventure. He was SO excited to go with us in our “B I G Camper Bus.” Our adventure took us just an hour or so away from his home. This was the first time he would be away from both of his parents for a week so we decided to stay relatively close as an insurance policy if he got homesick or his Mimi & Pops ran out of energy😉.We all had the time of our lives! He fished with his Popsswam in the lake saw B I G airplanesWe spent a day at an aquarium played in the Parkwatched movies and had a popcorn partyand to end the week we visited a hands on science centerAll three of us had the time of our lives. He never complained or got homesick and very soon it was time for us to give him back to his parents. We made amazing memories and look forward to more adventures in the future.

As fun as it was to have a 2 1/2 year old with us for a week we were ready to be back to our “normal” Nomadic life. Next stop would be Tampa, Florida our home for the winter.

We were watching the weather closely as it was October and hurricane season in Florida. Tampa was scheduled to be hit. Good ‘Ol Mother Nature spared Tampa as predicted, but did cause quite a bit of damage due to wind. There were plenty of fellow Snow Birds that were not so lucky as there were many destinations that were hit by storms and camp grounds were closed. Some of displaced Snowbirds had to scramble to make other accommodations. The military campgrounds work on first come first serve basis so we were felt the need to get down to Tampa to secure our spot all the while watching storms head north into our travel route. My Handsome Chauffeur is also a novice weatherman. He keeps a weather app on his phone and maps out our travel according to conditions. With information in hand he determined that we needed to leave Tennessee NOW as to get ahead of the torrential rains training up our way. We worked as a well oiled machine packing up and loading in record time. Our travels went as planned. We avoided any terrible weather. My Weatherman’s next plan of action was to locate a place to call home for the night and that would have satellite signal to watch his beloved Kansas City Chiefs game! Another app on his phone guided him to find the satellite in parking lotwe were in for the night!

Up early for our last leg to Tampa. We made it through the much dreaded Atlanta area without a hitch! Score one for the Circus Train😎! As we traveled further south the sky began to darken the wind picked up like CrAzY. Our VERY HIGH PROFILE vehicle was being tossed two and fro. My Handsome Chauffeur’s knuckles had turned white as snow and his Nervous Navigator was beyond anxious and had resorted to the fetal position when all of a sudden appeared a Camping World store! Thank goodness! To make this even better we had a coupon that we needed to use! Not only were we no longer driving through torrential rain… we were going to get a deal as we waited out this band of terrible travel weather! Anyone who knows my Handsome Chauffeur knows he loves a DEAL! I had a VERY HAPPY CHAUFFEUR!

An hour passed as we perused the aisles of Camping World along with other travelers waiting out the storm. Soon it was all clear in the sky. We gathered our newly purchased grill ( such a deal 😜) to added to the other three we currently own and began the rest of our journey south.

As I have previously mentioned we try very hard not to drive when it is dark. We try the best we can to adhere to stopping by four o’clock or dusk whatever comes first. The storm/shopping trip put us behind schedule and it was beginning to get dark FAST! The beauty of returning to Tampa again was the roads were familiar. We didn’t have to rely on GPS. The night travel was easier as we knew the landscape. The skyline and bay as our guide we made it “home” without a hitch.

Ahhhhh it was a great feeling to be surrounded by all things and friends that we are familiar with after spending spring and summer exploring new places. This is a time for us to relax and take care of maintenance issues on our Mobile Condo. We truly enjoy our time on the road exploring this great country of ours, but it is equally as nice to be stationary. We felt like we were “home”.

Many of our neighbors and friends have been making MacDill AFB home for years. This being our second time making it our rest stop for 5 months felt great. It was great to see familiar faces and meet new o es as well.

Right off the bat our projects got started. First was the washer/dryer. this little beauty is tucked in tighter than a drum in a closet of our bedroom. Macguyver at the ready using an end table from the living room and a throw rug from the kitchen extracted the beast out of its “home” without damage to our floor or his back! In his element trouble shooting why the washer would randomly fill with water when not being used. Using our dining table as his work benchhe discovered the what the problem was and fixed it. We were back in business.. no more leaks!

To say we rest while being in Florida is not quite accurate. Sure, we puhtz around tinkering and tweaking things on the Mobile Condo. Give her a much needed wash and hand wax, rearrange storage etc… but we ALWAYS make time for bicycle riding, exercise class, golfing, Harley riding and just plain relaxing in the sun. We even gave our luck a try with BINGO

We also made a road trip to Alabama to spend the Christmas holiday with family Our kids and grandkids came to Alabama too! What a treat it was to have 4 generations together Our Little Granddaughter was growing by leaps and boundsand so BEAUTIFUL if I do say so😉💗

We enjoyed visits from friends we haven’t seen in many years. We also got to have our daughter visit us for a weekher Dad took her for a spin to see the bay.

As our time approaches to leave Florida we are plotting our course of adventure for this Spring and Summer with recommendations from some fellow Nomads. Our maps are spread out, all the while manning our phones to set reservations. There won’t be any moss growing on the Mobile Condo as we will be moving and grooving. We hope to see some of you along our journey! Our travels are taking us as far west to Arizona, then north through Colorado, Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and back to Florida for another long winters rest!

We love our Nomadic life and do not take one day of it for granted. Thank you for coming along with us via this Blog. Who knows maybe you too will join us as We Be Winging It across this beautiful U.S. of A.🇺🇸

Glamping in Maine

We set our sights on Maine long ago. We heard so many wonderful things about the state…its natural beauty and of course LOBSTERS. We were excited to see it for ourselves.

The morning leaving Boston area was gloomy and raining….not the most perfect traveling weather for a Circus Train, but we  can’t control Mother Nature OR Boston traffic…. YIKES!

As I have said plenty of times in previous posts I am Nervous Navigator. I have gotten better, but there are situations I get overwhelmed with fear and control issues. My Handsome (and oh so calm) Chauffeur does  his best at trying to keep me calm. I can’t help myself…I gasp loudly when folks are cutting us off in traffic, I try to stifle screams as people try to merge into our lane! My reactions don’t help my Chauffeur in the least. One of the things I do to try to remain calm is crochet. It distracts me from watching the road. The more nervous I am the faster I crochet. So this morning of travel I got my hook a flying and started a scarf. The project works well as not only does it distract me from the traffic, but it serves to cover my eyes and makes a perfect mouth gag to prevent my screams from distracting my Handsome Chauffeur Once we got away from the metropolitan areas traffic wasn’t a problem I began to relax. Our journey for the day was only 196 miles which took us 6 hours! We took US Highway 1 that meanders through quaint little towns and villages. The further north we got we saw road side stands offering Lobsters at 5.99/lb and wild blueberries! Heaven… we were in heaven!

We arrived safely at Camden State Park. To say we stuck out like a sore thumb is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Here many folks are tent campers, smaller travel trailers NOT a 42 foot Mobile Condo. The majority of the people in the park are on a vacation. We too are on a vacation…we just happen to bring our home with us.

Thankfully we made reservations well in advance to secure a sight that could accommodate us. Instead of being nestled amongst the Balsa Fir and Birch trees we were in a wide open field. We got to enjoy the beautiful scents of the woods without the nuisance of sap dripping on our Mobile Condo or Pine Needles covering our roof which makes for a HAPPY Handsome Chauffeur… which in turn makes me happy too! Back four years ago we dreamt about traveling and staying amongst the trees, but that dream proved to be a nightmare when our Mobile Condo got covered with sap and such, so now we try to avoid such situations at all cost…. we Glamp not Camp.

Glamping in our Mobile Condo has other things to consider while staying in a State Park. Most of the parks have electric on site which is GREAT. Some have water on site, but there are those that we have to fill up our fresh water tank (which holds 100 gallons) and use our water pump to access water. Then there is the issue of not having sewer hook ups on site. If the tanks get filled we need to pack up our entire Mobile Condo to drive to the dump station within the park to empty our tanks. This can be done, but we try at all costs to stay put at our site until we are leaving for good! Our site in Maine has water and electric …. no sewer. We have grown accustom to having full hooks over the years and this wee adjustment of not having a sewer connection at our site would keep us very cognizant of our water usage both grey and black! So we joined all of the other campers by using the shower house instead of our own. We are getting our exercise walking to the restroom multiple times a day and perhaps using a laundry mat instead of our own washer and dryer! We are Glamping!

What the State Park lacks in the “creature” comforts we have grown accustom to (electric, water AND sewer on site) it surpasses all with the beautiful night sky filled with stars, fire rings to enjoy a campfire and vistas from top of Mount Battie!We were overlooking Penobscot Bay name after the American Native indigenous to the area. It is Maine’s largest Bay spanning 30 miles long and 30 miles deep and contains hundreds of Islands. It has an amazing look out we were able to climb and see forever!We visited with some locals and asked where they recommended we get our first taste of Fresh Maine Lobster. We were directed away from the little town near our state park dotted with quaint Bed and Breakfasts, restaurants and boutiques. The drive was a short one. We came upon a Lobster Pound which was a new terminology for us. On our travels we saw signs advertising Lobster pounds and now here we were.

According to Google:

The first time the term “lobster pound” was used was on Vinalhaven Island, Maine in 1875 to describe a method of storing live lobster by running fresh seawater through their storage containers. It would only be a matter of time before the enterprising lobster pound owners would add outdoor kettles of seawater heated over wood fires to boil their lobsters to serve to tourists.

Lobsters Pounds are all about the lobster and the view. We were told there is no better Lobster than one right out of the ocean. We entered the Lobster Pound recommended and just stared at the menu…who knew there were so many choices?? Being from the Midwest we were quite familiar with meat cuts and ways that it could be served, but we needed help deciding what order. Offerings of soft shell vs. hard shell Lobster, How many pounds we wanted, did we want a Lobster Roll??? Yikes! The gal at the counter gave us a QUICK tutorial. We finally placed our order and took our adult beverages outdoors to enjoy the spectacular view. We made new friends while we waited for our dinner who told us the boat in the Bay was the one that brought the lobsters in daily….talk about FRESH! Lobster traps ready for the next days haul.My Handsome Chauffeur inspecting the Lobster Pound.

Our beautiful dinner arrived. Our mouths were watering! Yummo!!!We had waited and dreamt about this moment all along our journey. After admiring its beauty we crack the shell AND…..Instantly LOST our appetites!! The green frothy GOO that spilled out made us instantly disgusted! We looked at each other and got hysterical with laughter. If there had been a video taken while we cracked it open we would certainly have entered and won Funniest Home Videos!! We began to pick around the goo. The tail and claw meat was DELICIOUS we avoided at ALL costs the frothy mess which we later found out to be an EXPLODED liver and pancreas which is considered a delicacy according to our helpful server! Well, that was the END of me EVER ordering a whole steamed lobster for the rest of my life!

Up early the next morning we headed towards Acadia National Park. It was a spectacular drive. Thankfully we chose a week day to explorer Bar Harbor and Acadia. The traffic was heavy, but nothing like reported on the weekend! We were told that the sunrises and sunsets at the summit of Cadillac Mountain are spectacular. We chose to avoid the crowds and traffic jams and go mid day. Even at mid day the park was full!The summit was WINDY! We didn’t miss the  sunrise or sunset as the day was overcast and cold! We made plans to go to the top of Mount Battie where we were camping to see the sunrise the next day.

Our stay in Maine was coming to a close. After the long drive back to our Campground we decided to stop once more for Lobster dinner…. at least I had lobster… my Handsome Chauffeur was not interested after his first experience🤣! This time I was smart and ordered it as a Lobster Roll sans the bread! I was more than happy to have someone else pick the meat and present it to me without the GREEN GOO! It was delicious!

We closed out our day of exploration with a warm campfire and making plans to set our alarm (something we try NOT to do as we are retired) to catch the sunrise on Mount Battie. Then our phone rang.. it was our son telling us that he was taking our daughter in law to the hospital as she was having some pain and bleeding. She was 33 weeks pregnant with our second grandchild. In a matter of seconds our course and plans were changing!

After plenty of texts we were told we were going to be welcoming our newest member to the family 7 weeks early! Prayers were being sent constantly for a safe delivery and healthy baby! Then at 11:13 pm on July 27 we welcomed our BEAUTIFUL itty bitty Granddaughter to the world! Mommy was healthy. Baby was in NICU. Older brother was staying with friends…our son asked how soon we could be in Tennessee to help.Needless to say…we did not see the sunrise on Mount Battie. I think I finally fell asleep after the huge adrenaline rush right before sunrise. Plans were set into motion to leave Maine headed to Tennessee.

I manned the phones cancelling reservations we painstakingly made early in the year. We know from past experiences that WE can do all the planning we want to, YET God has different plans in store for us …and the birth of our precious granddaughter was one of the BEST plans God had in store for us.

Three days of driving, three different Walmart Parking lots to call home for the night. We arrived safely in Tennessee. Our hearts were bursting when we met our little blessing. Her brother seemed to have grown by leaps and boundsWe are so thankful for our Nomadic lifestyle. We get to see so many places, meet fabulous people and we NEVER take it for granted. Vermont, New York and Ohio will have to wait… for now our hearts have been Glamping in Tennessee and couldn’t be happier!

Amazing Gift

The trip this summer has reminded me of a time in my past when I received a LARGE gift wrapped box. Once I unwrapped the large gift I was surprised and thrilled to see yet another gift wrapped inside the outer gift. Our travels thus far are just like that gift long ago… we keep unwrapping our “gifts” along our journey up the East coast.

Before leaving Maryland we firmed up the locations we will be calling “home” for the last 8 weeks of our adventure.Making phone calls, checking distances from one location to the next and making some plans on what we will do and see once we are at each location is WORK. Planning is part of our new “carefree” lifestyle😊.

As my Handsome Chauffeur started looking at the maps and consulting fellow Nomads it became apparent that there were going to be lots tolls and there may be overpasses that perhaps the Mobile Condo may have difficulty getting under. With that said, the trip from Maryland to Massachusetts could be a bit more costly in many ways. My Handsome Chauffeur manned his phone, studied different routes and purchased a new app for his phone that calculates tolls. The preparation for the journey was arduous, but very similar to the adage carpenters use “measure twice… cut once.”  We wanted to spend the least amount of money on tolls ( the Circus Train has 5 axels) and we wanted to be sure the overpasses were at least 13 foot 6 inches to ensure we kept from losing our air conditioner from our roof.

Relocating to Massachusetts was going to be a Looooong travel day. The route My Handsome Chauffeur selected took us along the coast. We saw beautiful country sides and drove through major cities as well. All in all we traversed through six states. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and finally MASSACHUSETTS! To our delight we only paid ONE toll…$37.50 to go over the Tappan Zee bridge in New York! The $4.99 My Handsome Chauffeur paid for the toll app and studying the maps paid off! As we traveled through these states we talked about our return to spend quality time in each of them in the future!

Leaving the highways, meandering winding 2 lane roads through small towns, all the while dodging low hanging branches we finally reached our home on the coast for the next 2 weeks Fourth Cliff Recreation area in Humarock, MA. It was simply BREATHTAKING!The Atlantic Ocean view out of our front window (aka windshield). Behind us the North and South Rivers converge and dump into the ocean which is called a “Spit”. The travel day behind us and we get to call this place home for 2 weeks we were in HEAVEN!

Fourth Cliff is one of a series of cliffs located in Scituate, MA. It’s a peninsula. Before 1898 Fourth Cliff was connected to Third Cliff. As a result of the Great Storm of 1898 Fourth Cliff became detached from Scituate when a new mouth for the North River was created. 

We got all settled in and got to meet our neighbors. Fourth Cliff is a military recreation area. It was interesting to us that most of the folks staying here were actually Massachusetts residents where at many of our other locations we stayed at had folks traveling through from other states. The folks were equally interested in us being Professional Nomads. Most of the folks came here as a summer get away. No wonder…. Fourth Cliff is a gem that seems to be a secret. We were so thankful to be here. Our neighbors gave us history of the area and a “locals” perspective on things to see and do along with best times and days of the week to AVOID going into Boston or Cape Cod. We also got a lesson on how to pronounce and understand the eastern Massachusetts dialect. We were invited to “Potty”  to celebrate a birthday…. not a group trip to a restroom.  When someone was looking for “khaaahkis”  they are what we on the Midwest pronounce car keys, no one was looking for  a pair of missing men’s slacks! We all got a giggle out of trying to understand each other😊. 

I really enjoy reading along with other hobbies. Lately, I have been reading works by Elin Hildenbrand. I love her story lines! She writes often about Nantucket and Cape Cod. Her descriptions of the area captivates me and here I am living in the area for 2 weeks. Pinch me I think I am in a dream!

Along the coast most of the homes are weathered shake shingles adorned with multiple flower boxes FILLED with beautiful flowers and almost every home flys the American Flag.  This beautiful lighthouse is in Scituate, MA just down the road from 4th Cliff where we were making our home. Looking out from this point into the sea on June 1, 1813 you would have seen the battle between USS Chesapeake and HMS Shannon in which Captain James Lawrence spoke his famous last words “Don’t give up the ship”  which became our Navy’s battle cry. The lighthouse was first lit in 1811.

We rode our bicycles to the beach where we were astonished to see that there was minimal sand. Most of the beach was covered with flat cobble stones which made it hard to walk on, but beautiful!I collected a few a painted some to leave along our journey as a ” treasure ” for someone to findIt was so cool to see the tide changes. We did find sand on low tide which was at least a flux of 6 foot. The ripples in the sand mimic the waves… 

About everyday my Handsome Chauffeur and I enjoy Potato Chips with our lunch. While eating one day I noticed on the back of our favorite brand of chips that they are made in Cape Cod…. go figure since they are  named Cape Cod Potato Chips … Duh! My Handsome Chauffeur loves to tour any kind of manufacturing facility  so BONUS.. the facility that creates something he loves too was a huge score! We learned that it takes four pounds of potatos to make one pound of chips! They use approximately 39 million pounds of potatoes a year in the plant! That’s a BUNCH! 

The factory was close to Hyannis, MA. So we took another field trip to visit the town that is related to all things Kennedy. We toured the JFK MuseumThis was a small more intimate look at not only President Kennedy, but his entire family. Much different than his Presidentially museum that is located in Boston.

As we headed back towards our home on the cliff we stopped in Plymouth, MA. to see “The” rockyep…. there it is..The Plymouth Rock where the Pilgrims landed! It is located in a bay dotted by boats and surrounded by what looks like a mausoleum We were  glad our new friends told us to make this stop as part of  other sites we wanted to see, as even though it is a historic place, you could hear people say as they approached it for a gander “That’s it?”  We were equally underwhelmed. I am not sure exactly what I thought it was going to be, but I expected more due to all the hype we were taught in history. The reality however, is that our country’s birthstone is a mere boulder. The town of Plymouth was lovely though.Next stop “Baaaaaahston” (aka Boston in Midwestern dialect😉)

We were given lots of advice on how to get to Boston. Most locals take a ferry boat to avoid driving in the messy traffic and parking could be a nightmare. Then we met a new friend who let us in on a little secret…because we have a Military I.D. we could park on the Coast Guard base in Boston for F R E E! Score one for team We Be Winging it! We meandered around the dock and spoke to a Coast Guard service member standing watch on one of the Coast Guard Ships in the harbor. I thought the Coast Guard that patrolled our country’s seaboards, but I soon found out their mission is “to protect the public, the environment, and U.S. economic interests — in the nation’s ports and waterways, along the coast, on international waters, or in any maritime region as required to support national security.” The ship “wears” her own medals and sports other decal that show Her accomplishments.the Service Member graciously explained the what these stood for. The E is for excellent service when they have been evaluated, the 3 green leafs stand for confiscations of marijuana and EACH blue snow flake decals represent busts of 1 cubic TON of cocaine! Whoa! 

Boston is FULL of our great Country’s history and a wonderful walking city. Shortly after leaving the harbor we started our tour along the Freedom Trail that is 2.5  mile through the city where there are 16 sites significant to our Country. The trail is clearly marked along the route. Living so long in Kansas and all the Wizard of Oz stuff there,while following the trail markings I couldn’t help hearing the Munchkins singing “follow the yellow brick road ” We started with Paul RevereThe Old North Church that played a huge role in Revere’s ride. The candles that were lit in the windows indicated “One if by land, and two if by sea”In the courtyard of this beautiful old church there is a memorial garden to our Fallen Heroes of the Afghanistan-Iraq Isis. Each unmarked dog tag honors a fallen Hero.The white stones are etched with Year and numbers lives lost through the wars our country has played a part in starting with the Revolutionary War on the outer ring. The inner ring is stones reflects the lives lost in the war we are currently battling in the Middle East.The Freedom Walk took us up hill and over water. I wish I had a photo of the bridge we were walking across , but I looked down once…it was a grate with sight to the river below and frankly I COULD NOT look down again because of fear! Eyes trained ahead I made it without passing out! We made our way through beautiful neighborhoods to Bunker HillAlas, my Handsome Chauffeur and I did not walk up the 294 steps to the top of the inside of the monument as we still needed to walk back to where we began the tour and our old knees and feet were letting us know that they were about DONE with this tour 😉.

We made it to the USS Constitution aka Old Ironsides. This beauty was in dry dock just about finished being refurbished. The current restoration started in 2015. This wooden ship was first put into service in 1797. “She is the oldest warship afloat in the world. She is the oldest sailing vessel in the world that can sail under her own power and she is the beginning of the United States Navy,” Our tour of the Boston area included delicious food in the North End aka Little Italy. After a day of hiking through the city we were in search of a delicious meal. The North End’s air is filled with delicious scents everywhere you turn. The decision was difficult. We decided to take our friend’s recommendation to get a pizza at legendary Regina’s Pizzeria. WOW the meal we enjoyed after a long day of touring was off the chart DELICIOUS We couldn’t leave the Boston area without a stop by Cheers. The wings were hotthe beers were coldwe felt like one of the “regulars “The two weeks we spent on the Coast came to an end. We will miss everything about it! The people we met, the beautiful sightsthe amazing sunsetsIt was time to move inland. Next stop Hanscom AFB, MA. for a  stay. A short drive away, only 40 miles, this  is the smallest distance we have relocated our home. We traded the fresh sea air, sounds of waves crashing into the coast and magnificent views of Fourth Cliff for a RV Fam camp next to a flight line with airplanes constantly taking off and landing,  scent of jet fuel exhaust and waking up to Reveille. It was like being back to reality after waking from a glorious dream we had for 2 short weeks. As Arnold Schwarzenegger said “I’ll be back”  we also will be back to Humarock, MA in our future!

The great thing about staying at Hanscom AFB was that we were between Lexington and Concord, MA. Our Revolutionary War lesson continued! We made our way over to  the Minute Man National Historical Park.  We drove the Historic Battle road. We saw the sights of the area that on April 19, 1775 the battle began between the British and Colonials…the war had begun for our liberty. Our stay in Massachusetts came to an end. We had the time of our life. It was truly a gift that we slowly unwrapped. We are ready to unwrap our next gift …..Maine! Big wheels are a rolling….. Maine here we come!

Oh the Places, things and people we saw!

Our next stop on our summer of travel was Maryland. Neither of us had ever been to this area. We decided to stay a month as there was SOOOoo many things to see and do in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area and boy were we glad we did!

First we had to travel UNDER the Chesapeake Bay! Yes, you read that correctly U N D E R water. For those who know me and my RESPECT (insert fear) of water know that this little jaunt under the water while riding in a Circus Train was causing me a bit of anxiety! We asked plenty of folks in our campground what to expect in attempt to quell my fear. Knowledge is power right? Well, let me just say it kind of kicked it up a notch when they told us there may be an issue of us going through the tunnel with propane on board….and boy howdy we certainly do have a fare amount of it on board….to the tune of 35 lbs of it! Tunnels under water plus propane gas could equal trouble! After doing a bit more research we were told we could indeed enter the tunnel, but we would need to make sure the tank was turned off prior to entering. Now I was really sweating! Would we blow up the tunnel if there was an accident of sorts? As travel day approached my apprehension grew and GREW! My Handsome Chauffeur’s cool, confident and collected manner did help a wee bit, but as we approached the tunnel I could feel my palms start to sweat. We pulled over as directed and were met by an attendant who greeted my Chauffeur and collected information i.e. license plate and measured our height to see if we could even enter the tunnel. The attendant escorted my Chauffeur and observe him turning off the propane. When we were given the go ahead we entered the tunnel and went to the depth of 108 feet below sea level traveling for 3.2 miles! Finally as I saw the light at the end of the tunnelthe sweating palms subsided and off we went. Next stop Fort Meade, Maryland!
The travel day went without any glitches. “Lola” (our GPS) was cooperative. As we approached Washington D.C. the traffic became congested as usual. It seemed to take a longer than usual to get to our Fort Meade, but traveling any where on the east coast we have found you measure your trip in minutes not miles. More often than not it takes double the amount of time per mile. The closer we are to big cities depending, if we hit it around Rush hour, the time can easily be tripled! BINGO… we hit D.C. before Rush Hour! Score one for team We Be Winging It! 

As we crossed the Potomac River we could see the Capital and the Washington Monument off in the distance. I got huge GOOSEBUMPS! For me, it was seeing the Cinderella’s castle at Disney World! This stop on our summer tour was definitely one of our Big Ticket Bucket List items! We were so excited to hit the ground seeing all we could!

We are blessed to know some folks that actually live in D.C. and we were given WONDERFUL advice and recommendations on what to do and see while we were in the area. One recommendation we really tried to abide by was not driving into the city. We were excited to find that there was a commuter train station just 2 miles down the road from Fort Meade which we could also bring our bikes aboard on weekends. Score another big one for Team Winging It!

Up early, bicycles in our truck, map of Washington D.C. and the train schedule handy, off we went on our first of many missions to see as much as we could systematically checking off our list of MUST do and see! We exited out of Union Station downtown D.C. and the view was breathtaking! The sun was glimmering off the Capital. I no longer had goosebumps, but GOOSEMOUNTAINS!

Using bicycles to navigate the city was a breeze! We were able to cover so much territory in a short time. I could have taken a million photos. Here we were among monuments that we read about in history classes and saw on television each night on the news. I was pinching myself!

We rode our bikes over the Potomac to Arlington Cemetery. Tears were hard to keep at bay as we walked the entire cemetery approximately 2 miles around the rolling hills.. We saw all of the major stops, Kennedy’s resting place, changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider and Arlington House which were so impressive. The thing that stuck with us the most were the acres of White Tomb stones as far as we could see! Over 400,000 Americans and their family members make this their final resting place. From the Revolutionary War until today. 25-30 burials can take place a day! The cost of our freedom is visualized here! I wish every citizen who lives in our country would take a walk through this resting place. The lines of stones covering this 623 acre sacred place makes me reflect on what so many take for granted. I don’t think a person can enter and not leave the cemetery unchanged

Our first of many trips into D.C. under our belt. We got back on the train back “home” exhausted! We were so very thankful we had booked a month stay! Our age was apparent. Our feet were soreand our minds full as we reflected on what we saw and learned. We were excited to take a day of rest and then off we go AGAIN!

The next time we ventured into the city my feet were better prepared We spent the day touring the Capital, Library of Congress and just walking all over the Hill. It was a weekday so the city was not only filled with tourist like ourselves, but Congress was in session so it was a busy bustling area!

We took the guided tour of the Capital and learned so much. We highly recommend it if you get a chance to visit. All that we saw was bigger than life to us! Now when we watch the nightly news interviewing Congress members we know that we too were in that room!

Much to our disappointment we were unable to tour the inside of the White House. In fact, the day we were trying to get close they had the roads cordoned off. Sirens were blaring in the distance we could see a motorcade of black Suburbans pulling up to the White House. We asked a reporter and camera man near by if there was something happening? We were told that they were not aware of anything…. “maybe the President was coming home from playing golf?!” This photo illustrates how far we were all kept away! At least I can saw we were there! Through the “magic” of cropping and zooming WA-La the White House!

We took a ride to Mount Vernon and were not disappointed! The grounds of the plantation and buildings are amazing. I can see why President Washington called this beautiful place on the Potomac home. As we walked through the home I couldn’t help but think of who the President and Martha entertained.. Jefferson, Franklin… the list goes on and on. We also learned that Washington died from a throat infection. Today, we treat an infection with antibiotics and considered not a big deal. Poor Washington didn’t have access to the medications we do. Instead he was “bled” a few times to try to get the infection out of his blood stream. Yikes… a clear case that the “cure” probably was a contributing factor to his demise. It’s hard to believe that he fought in the wars to set us free and a throaty infection took his life.

He died in the bed he shared with Martha. In her grief she left that room and would have the room secured, never for her to sleep in her marriage bed again. After the death of her beloved husband she gave his slaves their freedom per his wishes in his will.  She died two  and a half years after the love of her life. She grieved for the entire time after his death. They are joined in death buried on the property.

I grew up hearing that President Washington had wooden dentures. Prior to becoming a Professional Nomad I was a Registered Dental Hygienist aka Smile Maker 😊. I looked forward to seeing these “wooden” dentures. Much to my surprise the President’s “chompers” were NOT made of wood! They were made of ivory, human and ANIMAL teeth with a base made basically of a “concrete” with a spring hinge connecting the top to the bottom arch. HOLY COW MOLARS….I have no idea how he wore them comfortably let alone eat with them!Next to these dentures was a display of dental scalersWe have come a long LOONNGGgg way in dentistry since his day! Thank goodness! 

Before going to D.C. I had no idea that there are nineteen Smithsonian museums and galleries as well as the National Zoological Park.  Seventeen of these museums are located in Washington D.C., with eleven of those located on the National Mall. There are two in New York City and one near Dulles Airport in Chantilly, Virginia. HOLY COW… where do we begin? We thought having a month in the area would would be  plenty of time to see it all. After the very first museum we knew that was going to be an impossible task for us to complete. We decided to narrow our scope down. We wanted to take our time exploring and learning. We were given a list of must places to see by friends and family who have been to D.C. It was easy to spend anywhere between 3-4 hours touring and learning. We compiled a list of those museums we HAD to see on this trip. We ended up spending time at only seven! Our feet were sore from walking and standing, our brains full of new found knowledge and sights we took in, and we knew right away we will make a return visit to see the museums we didn’t see! So many photos were taken….here are a few highlights Orchid in The Botanical GardenNational ZooThe  Hope DiamondDiscovery Space Shuttle

On top of going to the Smithsonian museums we were privileged to get a personal tour of the Pentagon from a friend of ours that works in the Pentagon. What an AMAZING place!! It is a museum inside along with a work place for many Americans both Military and Civilian. A person could actually take hours if not days to taken it all in!

Below are some of the facts about this amazing buildingThe original plan for the building allowed for four floors, but a fifth floor has been added. As we went around the rings of the inside, the corridors are filled with artifacts from all branches of service, there is a corridor dedicated to Humanitarian services, NATO and POW/MIA. The area that brought tears to my eyes was the Chapel  and 9-11 Memorial. 

On September 11, 2001 at 9:37 in the morning American Airlines flight number 77 deliberately crashed into the Pentagon killing everyone aboard the plane and 125 people in the building. As we walked through the corridors of this amazing building there are no windows in the center rings. I noticed that there are arrows in a row lining each side of the wall that are close to the floor directing towards an exit. I also noticed that although there were escalators and stairways through the building there were also LARGE ramps. I asked our friend who was showing us the building about what I was observing. He solemnly stated that the arrows are close to the ground to remind people to stay low when exiting in case of an emergency and the corridors were filling with smoke, the ramps help move people faster than stairs. According to Wikipedia there are 23,000 military and 3,000 Civilian employees in the Pentagon. After being within the confines of this beautiful structure it amazes me that there were not more loss of life when the plane came through those walls. How they all got out of the building especially on the side that was hit is truly amazing! With windows only on the outside ring it is easy to see how a person can lose your sense of direction and truly have no idea what hit them! 

Reagan National airport located in Arlington has planes taking off and landing every few minutes. While we were outside we saw planes making their descent approaching the flight line in order to land. We were astounded to see how close they appear to come to the monuments and buildings. On that fateful September 11, 2001 planes were doing just that.. taking off and landing. It would appear as a normal day planes flying close, but as we now know America Airlines Flight 77 was not heading to the flight line.

Inside the Pentagon they have a beautiful chapel that is dedicated to those Americans that we lost. It is a beautiful and somber area. Panels on the left and right represent the medals awarded to the military and civilian casualties. The panels on the back wall have all the names etched into stone ALL of the names of the victims. A large book contains pictures and biography of each person who lost there lives from the youngest victim, 3 year old Dana Falkenberg to the oldest, John D. Yamnicky, who was 71 years of age.

Outside of the Pentagon on the side that was hit there is a beautiful memorial as well.there are 184 Memorial units located on an age line of the victims birth year denoted by stainless steel strips that cross the grounds of the memorial. Above these stainless steel markers etched in Limestone reads “September 11, 2001 9:37 a.m.” The direction of each marker is symbolic in that those pointing towards the Pentagon are for those who perished on American flight 77 hitting the building and the monuments facing away were those who lost their lives in the building. All of these precious lives became intertwined in eternity,

As we stood in the Memorial looking at the building itself,  we could see the repaired area as it is slightly different in color… a scar if you will. Nearly 20 percent of the Pentagon structure was affected by the attack, offices in the undamaged portions were kept open and the business of our nation’s defense went on. In fact, in less than a month after the attack, some employees were able to move back into their office near the crash site. Amazing!

Not far from the Pentagon is the Air Force Memorial The United States Air Force Memorial honors the service and sacrifices of the men and women of the United States Air Force. Located on a hill in Arlington, Virginia, overlooking the Pentagon and adjacent to Arlington Cemetery, the Air Force Memorial is easily seen on the skyline of Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia in Arlington county.  My Handsome Chauffeur served in the Air Force and took part in many fundraising campaigns for this memorial. It was wonderful to see it in person. The Memorial’s formal dedication was in 2006 eleven years after he retired. 

As we stood within the memorial we heard sirens coming our way. There was a bus being escorted to the Memorial. As it approached and the passengers disembarked we found out the they were a group of folks touring D.C. as part of the Honor Flight. Another goosebump moment for me!

An Honor Flight is conducted by non-profit organizations dedicated to transporting as many United States military veterans as possible to see the memorials of the respective war(s) they fought in Washington, D.C. at no cost to the veterans. Currently these organizations are focused on bringing veterans of World War II to the National World War II Memorial, and any veteran with a terminal illness to see the memorial of the war they fought in. Organizers plan to “naturally transition” their programs to focus on veterans of the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and subsequent wars as the veterans of those wars get older.

It was an honor to personally thank these heroes for their service and to thank those who were escorts of these wonderful folks. There are many ways we can serve those who served our great Nation. Here we saw service in the actions, be it assisting those in wheel chairs or just an arm to lean on to get up close and personal to the monuments. To me this was love and respect in action and I am so thankful I got to witness the gift!

As our time came to a close in Maryland we headed to Annapolis. We had visited this beautiful city a few years back with good friends. We love the seaside. We had spent most of the month visiting and touring in cities. It was so nice to be back on a coast, breathing in the salty air while taking in the beauty of the harbor we were familiar withWe thoroughly enjoyed our visit to D.C. and plan to return again as we only scratched the surface of all the Smithsonian Museums seeing only 7.  Our day trip to Annapolis got us excited about our next stop along our tour this summer. 

Big wheels start turning .. next stop the coast of Massachusetts! Oh the places, things and people we will meet! 

Northward Bound

As we said goodbye to Fort Stewart, GA. it felt as we were being given a 21 gun salute! Maybe not a “personal” 21 gun salute… probably just practice on the firing range as indicated by the red flag flying and the rapid succession of artillary being shot ringing in the air.

Next stop Charleston, S.C.We were super excited to go back to Charleston. It had been at least five years since we last visited the area and our good friends who have the privilege of calling the area home.

Our GPS cooperated and got us to our new “home” at Joint Bases Charleston. As we approached the gate to enter the base we were told that we would have to drive through the LARGEST X-ray screener I have ever seen!As a general rule we stay on Military bases. All of these facilities have different rules regarding which gate we are to enter with the Mobile Condo. In the 4 years we have been Nomads we have only once had a member of security forces come aboard when coming onto a base. This drive through X-ray unit was a first as well! 

We spent our time in Charleston visiting our friends …laughing and relaxing around the fire and golfing at a spectacular course on the Atlantic coast The time went by too it always does when we are amongst GREAT friends! We were rested and ready for our next leg of the journey up the coast…. Virginia Beach, VA.

We have been advised by plenty of folks that as we travel up the coast the further north we would go the roads would become more congested with traffic, narrow roadways, low bridges and TOLLS! I have to say I was getting a wee bit nervous.

The travel was going well, but then Lola ( our GPS) indicated that there was an accident up ahead on our selected route and we should consider taking the optional route she had in mind to avoid the accident.   After our last experience with Lola we should have been skeptical of her advice, but as the traffic started crawling (with millions of red tail lights positioned ahead of us ….which looked like miles) we took her advice…. NOT a GOOD idea!

Indeed, it was a different route! This route she took us down literally took us down two lane roads with NO shoulders, narrow bridges under construction low hanging wires, neighborhoods with signs the stated Needless to say we were in a pickle! Too late to turn around! We talked our way around what that sign “really” meant. We rationalized that we in fact were not a “truck” WE were a Mobile Condo and if we were stopped we would easily explain this to the officer regardless that we perhaps were over the weight limit for the roadway! 

My Handsome Chauffeur white knuckling the steering wheel;all the while keeping us on the road and not in a ditch was NOT a happy camper. As we rounded a corner in a neighborhood we came upon a gentleman on a riding mower, mindlessly doing his weekly chore. He stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes bugging out and mouth agape….. I swear I read his lips say the words that go with the initials WTH!!! I didn’t know if I needed to laugh or cry! I gave a friendly wave as we exited his line of sight praying he didn’t call the police to report a Circus Train driving through his sleepy hollow neighborhood.

Lola still squawking out directions, my frazzled Handsome Chauffeur asked me how much further did it say to our destination! He had just about enough of navigating down roads with names and was clearly DONE driving!

Low and behold we arrived safely and without police escort to our next home for two weeks Virginia Beach, VA! Whew!!AHHHHH everything is better on a beach! This would be our back yard for fourteen glorious days! The blood was back into my Handsome Chauffeur’s fingers and a huge smile plastered on both of our faces! The CrAzY drive now just a memory … life was good!

Neither of us had ever been to Virginia. We were looking forward to exploring. First stop the Virginia Aquarium. A fascinating place. The entire time we were there we wished our grandson was with us. We watched little ones with their eyes wide in wonderment! The experience was not only beautiful with all species of fish, but also very educational. It was confirmed by the information regarding oysters why I don’t eat them! Eating them whole as they are served include eating their anus!! YUCKO!We took in a 3D movie about the Galápagos Islands. I found it fascinating!I was so involved with the beauty of 3D I barely heard the snoring of my partner. Until he let out a snore so loud it attracted others attention! Busted!

As a kid, I  have to admit I didn’t enjoy history. I got through the classes by the grace of God. It just did not interest me. I wish I had paid closer attention then, but as we all know a person is never to old to learn. Our day trip to Williamsburg, VA. and the American Revolutionary War Museum of Yorktown ignighted a spark in myself and my Handsome Chauffeur. I was like a kid in a candy store. We spent hours in the museum reading, watching videos about our history. THEN ……being able to walk the cobblestone streets through areas so steeped in history I have to admit gave me goosebumps. My Handsome Chauffeur enjoyed talking with the “locals”and learning about one of our favorite pass times. As a child my father taught me how to play Cribbage. Even today when we get together a friendly game of Cribbage will take place at sometime. It made me smile to see a Cribbage board from 1768 displayed in the museum!On our way back to Virginia Beach we could see off in the distance the ships at Norfolk Naval Station. We wanted to see if we could get closer to them… and boy did we!These pictures certainly don’t do justice to actually how HUGE these ships are AND heavily guarded! My Handsome Chauffeur is a curious soul. He hopped out of the truck and wanted to get closer to find out more about the ships. He was “greeted” by the guards on ground that told him that the Carrier we were looking at was the USS Abraham Lincoln.As my Handsome Chauffeur was “visiting” with the guards on the ground I was sitting in our little red chariot watching the ARMED guards on the ship looking down watching him! Security was HIGH!

The “Abe” was recently put back into service in May 2017 after completing mid-life refueling and complex over haul which had taken 4 years to get done. It had finished it’s comprehensive tests and Sea trials. It is now ready for another 25 years of service and ready to support the mission it is called to.

Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough time to throughly see and do all the things we have in mind when sight seeing. The beauty of our lifestyle is we can and WILL be back to this area Virginia again! We made new friends and again met up with friends we have made along our journey. 

Our visit to Virginia was a stepping stone on our way up the coast. Our next stop is Maryland! We are chasing the cooler temperatures all the while looking so forward to learning more and more about our great Nation’s history as we visit Washington DC and surrounding cities! 

Wheels down here we go Northward bound!

Trust…. but VERIFY

Trust but verify is a translation of a Russian proverb. This became a signature phrase President Ronald Reagan used while dealing with Mikhail Gorbachev when discussing United States relation with Soviet Union during the INF Treaty that was signed in 1987. Then the SALT II Treaty  which happened to affect us personally as my Handsome Chauffeur served in the USAF during this time as a part of the Minuteman Missle Squadron which was going to be deactivated. President Reagan’s signature phrase was adopted by my Handsome Chauffeur and used often when raising our kids, checking prices on deals and now with our GPS!

 I personally have absolutely no sense of direction. I take that back… I can determine direction IF the sun is out, but if it is noon I am up the proverbial creek without a paddle. I was a Girl Scout back in the olden days and can honestly say that I earned several badges on my sash but the ORIENTEERING badgewas never present on my sash! Try as I might I tried to read maps. I will say since we have become Nomads I have gotten a wee bit better, but I don’t trust myself AND my Handsome Chauffeur certainly lacks confidence in my orienteering abilities. He can look at a map and have the route engraved into his brain. As I find myself mainly a passenger/copilot while we move our Circus Train across this beautiful nation I get the “privilege” of  having our HUGE atlas at the ready when my driver wants to see where we are. I feel much better using the twenty first century technology… Google Maps. I enjoy her beautiful, although annoying, voice telling us in plenty of time when to exit, turn or if there is s traffic snag coming up. My Handsome Chauffeur doesn’t trust her! To say he has a love hate relationship with her is stating it mildly! 

As we left the state of Florida heading to our new homes in Georgia our journey was going to be a short journey of ONLY 51 miles…. a drop in a bucket! My Handsome Chauffeur had looked at the atlas and charted our course. Phew, this was going to be an EASY travel day! While we were traveling I was asked to put the address of the campground into my trusty google maps. I follow directions well so I put the address that we were given by our Camp host we called that morning to confirm our reservation. 

The day was beautiful. Soon our friend Lola (our pet name for our google map voice) directed us off the Interstate. As we proceeded to make our turns per her instructions my Handsome Chauffeur said ” This doesn’t look right” as we were winding through a residential area with low hanging trees brushing against our roof and three air conditioners! Low and behold we DO come up to a gate to enter the Naval Base we are going to make home. Lola gleefully announced that we have arrived at our destination! What she DIDN’T  tell us was that the gate was blocked off with HUGE orange barricades stating the gate was closed!! Rutro …Houston we have a B I G problem. We were stuck in a neighborhood dead end. I placed a semi-frantic call to the Camp Host stating our problem! I was told ” your silly GPS took you to a gate that has been closed for 10 years.” How was Lola to know that?? She used the address YOU gave us. We were told to turn around and enter a different gate which she gladly gave me the directions.  

Turning around a 42 foot Mobile Condo with a full size four wheel drive truck hooked up to it in a dead end residential neighborhood IS NOT an easy feat! With fume coming out of our ears we jump out of the RV to disconnect our truck from the Mobile Condo. Gladly, we are pros at this and are able to get the task done relatively quick. As I am assisting my frustrated Chauffeur… handing him the things he needs like an assistant to a heart surgeon, all the while directing traffic around us waving people around our 60 foot road block…. we were disconnected! I relocated  the truck out of the way.  Then, with the precision of an Aircraft Marshall (sans the orange light flares) I guide my Handsome Chauffeur into a 3 point turn to head out of the neighborhood. 

As I hop into the truck’s driver seat I lead the way as I received verbal directions from our host. She assured me that we cannot miss the gate we are to enter as it has a submarine at it. Sure enough we find it… too bad Lola didn’t in the first place!Home Sweet Home Kingsbay NS, GA! Our 1 hour travel turned into a “Three Hour Tour”, but unlike those on Gilligans Island we were home… not stranded!

Kingsbay Submarine Base is the U.S. Atlantic Fleet’s home port for U.S. Navy Fleet ballistic missile nuclear submarines armed with Trident missile nuclear weapons. 

Kingsbay Naval Base borders St Mary’s, GA. A quaint town which is the gateway to the Cumberland Island National Seashore the largest of Georgia Coast’s Barrier Islands. There is so much history to soak up in the town. While we were there we were able to see replicas of The Nina and Pinta that were part of Christopher Columbus’ fleet while they were docked on the shore of the beautiful seaside park.We also enjoyed touring the local submarine museum.The museum was full of all different artifacts from several submarines. The curator was a friendly fellow who helped us find some things that were on a few Submarines that my Uncle actually served on.This is the battle flag Bream from World War IIThis is a picture I took of the Bream’s Battle Flag. Each square denotes the following: The swastika was for what the skipper thought was a small German tanker. Turned out to be a small Japanese tender. The life ring is for picking up a pilot. The crossed oars over a 5 is for a patrol where they put some Aussie rangers ashore. The mine is for a patrol laying mines, of course. The 6 red bars indicate she made six patrols (5 were classified successful). The big red moon was used because the commissioning skipper was Wreford “Moon” Chapple and the crew thought very highly of him. The albatross was for good luck.  So much history under on roof!

As we settled in and enjoyed the smell of the tall Georgia Pines we found that a few of our neighbors from our Florida stay were our neighbors here too!It was great to see familiar smiles. The weather was perfect for more exploring on Amelia Island. An amazing coastal isle setting to stroll along the beach or grab a bite to eat downtown.

Golfing we met up with our alligator friend as wellNeedless to say we did NOT go searching for the ball we hit into the water while she was sunning herself😜

Soon we had to say so long to Kingsbay, GA and headed further north to Savannah, GA area to see some of our dear friends. We have visited the area a couple of times over the years, but it had been at least twenty years since we did the tourist thing downtown Savannah.

The Old Southern charm is evident every where you look. Armed with a map of the city from the Chamber of Commerce we strolled along the streets lined with Live Oak trees covered in hanging mossWe spent time in Chippewa Square remembering  the Forest Gump movie. Although the bench is no longer there that he sat on we did find others to rest our feet Again my map reading skills were put to task as we walked searching for of all places, Juliette Low’s home who happens to be the founder of the Girl Scouts in which I never earned my Orienteering badge. As my Handsome Chauffeur looked on grinning and snickering as I kept turning the map around trying to figure out where I was. I was about to consult my friend”Lola” when  there off to my left across the street was Ms. Low’s abodeNow with my bearings somewhat straight, we headed towards River Street to enjoy a perfect Southern lunch with all the trimmings. YUMMO!

We actually called Fort Stewart Famcamp home base while visiting our friends who live in suburbs dotting all around Savannah proper. The campground was nestled in the woods. So serene and restful. Birds singing, squirrels scurrying and tank cannons firing!  Yep, we were staying at an active training Army Base so the sounds of rifles firing and tank cannons blasting were part of our new neighborhood sounds! Boy, it sure got your attention QUICK too!!

While driving around our new area we not only saw the normal deer crossing signs but these as wellOne evening as we were making our way back to the Mobile Condo through the pitch Black Forest …. Lola guiding our way… our eyes watching closely for any wild Boars or Deer to cross our path … Lola encourages us to turn left !!  As good listeners and not fully aware of where we were, we obeyed her command. Suddenly,  we found ourselves no longer on the asphalt highway,  but a packed sand TANK PATH! My   Chauffeur quickly determined that AGAIN Lola had taking us somewhere that we were NOT suppose to be! Thankfully we did not come face to face with Tanks traveling the path cannons at the ready! My calm, perturbed Chauffeur immediately got us back on the highway and safely to our home.

By the light of day we can see that Lola indeed was taking us to our home as we requested per the shortest distance. How was she to know that we were not to travel on roads for US Army tanks?!

Next stop was Atlanta to visit our dear friend who received the gift of life 6 weeks ago. As many people have told us, Atlanta is NOT the easiest to travel around. Just as any big city it is filled with traffic constantly. Add the fact that there is major construction going on and roads completely closed due to bridges collapsing. To say we were apprehensive about enlisting our “friend” Lola to guide us into downtown Atlanta was an understatement!We hit the road with verbal instructions from our friend who told us the best route to the hospital. Because my Handsome Chauffeur drives the Mobile Condo about everywhere when we use our truck I get to be his Lovely Chauffeur. I was not the least bit worried about the drive as I knew my navigator is proficient in map reading. As we got closer to the downtown hospital my navigator decided to enlist Lola to help as the map was not in great detail of where we needed to be. Lola did a fine job bringing us deep down into the enormous hospital construction zone! Yikes!!! Navigating a four wheel drive truck in the tight construction of parking lots and garages is not for the faint of heart! After listening to Lola drone on and on we have arrived at our destination dead center in a work zone!!! My less than patient Navigator gave her the boot! Next step was texting our friend to get accurate direction on where and how we could locate his beautiful bride.

After many rounds of the parking garage BINGO trying to secure a parking spot we got to play elevator roulette looking for the correct wing and floor our dear friend was calling home. FINALLY , we found her and were able to get our hugs that we were so looking forward to. She indeed has received an AMAZING gift. Her new lungs have given her a new lease on life. There is a healing phase taking place now as she grows stronger, but her smile lights up our lives.

Our visit ended for the day and we made our way back to our Red Chariot. My Handsome Chauffeur at the helm, Lola barking out directions COMPLETELY different from when she brought us to the hospital…. TOTALLY confused this already novice navigator. I pulled out our trusted atlas to Trust BUT Verify  we were not being lead astray by our Lola! 

Yes, we have a LOVE Hate relationship with our technology, but as long as we heed President Reagan’s advice we will wander and not be lost…. at least not for long😜